I have a few philosophical interests and I enjoy thinking and writing about various things, from religion, to alternative government schemes or lack of thereof, to metaphysics, to anything else that draws my attention.

At the moment, Philosophically I define myself as an Epicurian-Hacker which means that I follow the way of life, as described here, (although I do not consider myself a hacker) and also agree with the teachings of Epicurus, and pretty much lived my life in this way before I even heard of him.

My philosophical basis is also the underpins my sociopolitical position as a Revolutionary Libertarian Socialist. As such, I do not belong to any specific political party and I probably never will as I consider parliamentarism a flawed institution incapable of social change for the best. In short, I am an Anarchist and consider any meddling with (contemporary) electoral systems a waste of time.

Religion-wise you can simply call me an Agnostic Atheist AKA a de-facto Atheist on the Dawkins Scale with a strong dislike against all organised religion, which I consider a lingering plague on the world and a good example of how hierarchical institutions lead to horrible results. However my position against all religion and/or woo-woo is much more tolerant and I can get along with theists as long as their beliefs lead them to positions compatible with mine instead of intolerance and authoritarianism.

Finally, you can find all my writings that follow directly from my philosophy here.

  • Db0

    I think you meant to post this to my post for parents. In any case, I visited the page but I have no idea how to promote it to them.

  • How did you find out about Epicurus? I read "The Consolations of Philosophy" by Alain de Botton, and found the chapter on him really interesting.

    • db0

      A long time ago, I went to a used books bookstore and asked them if they can suggest some introductory books on ancient Greek philiosophers for me to sink my teeth into. I was expecting Plato or Aristotle but they suggested Epicurus. As soon as I read it I then realized that he perfectly expressed the way I'd been living my life until then :)