Custom Images

Ah, I found how to upload my own images to the server. It was more easy than I thought. I only had to head to Configuration -> General -> (Choose) Images -> Create Image
A more beatified map of the infrastructure

I downloaded a few wallpapers from DeviantArt in order to use them as a wallpaper but it soon became apparent that Zabbix maps are designed to blend in with white backgrounds. So, after discarding the nice black, blue and gray ones I had gathered I used a minimalistic one.
I also had to scale and crop it a bit because zabbix does not stretch the image to fit the map size, so you have to provide an image that is of the exact size. In retrospect, the best way to go about it is to put the background image first and then design the map around it so that it looks better. This way you can avoid placing links on multicolored places where the text would just stand out.

One could even make this an art-form 😉
A more beatified map of the infrastructure
After that, I scoured the net via google-image search for a few icons and voila!

The easy part to update was the routers where I just updated the icon in the database. For the rest of the icons I had to create new icons and then change the map elements one by one.

I believe you will agree with me that it was worth it.

Now, lets revisit those WinPopUps