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Android ftw


Very interesting.I have finally bought myself an android and I see that there is even an app for wordpress.Awesome stuff. As you might expect this is a post coming directly from it using the very handy swype typing interface.

Unfortunately the android wordpress interface is only useful for small posts like this one so it’s more likely I’ll be using this for twitter rather than my blog.

Still I am completely exited with my new gadget, and off a diaspora app comes out soon I believe I’ll be complete.

Also, photos directly to my

A Quickie

OK, on rapid succession before I hit the bed:

  • I finished version 0.9.5 of Complexlife. It now includes support for stumbleupon and reddit, an option to simplify the settings menu by hading the extra options and some code improvements.
    This is 5 minor versions since the fork. Go me!
  • I finally added a favicon on the Division by Zer0. I wanted to do this for a while but I never got around to it and I also didn’t have anything in particular I wanted to use. Finally a guest post from Pharyngula gave me the idea to use the atheism symbol which looks cool enough.
    It took me a while to figure out what the correct code is but a little Google prayer and I got my divine answer.
  • We now have 22 Atheists in Scoutle which is pretty impressive if you consider it was only 4 days ago that I mentioned it. However the more impressive news is that found a fellow Epicurean blogger through the new network I setup. Coolness!
    So, for the rest of you who haven’t joined yet. What are you waiting for?! Git!
  • I now have an actual Comment Policy so I’d appreciate any opinions on it 😀


I do need to remember the small stuff…

Ευτυχώς που υπάρχει και η Anath να μου θυμίσει ότι ο αρχικός σκοπός αυτού του ιστολογίου ήταν για να κρατάω αναμνήσεις από την ζωή μου πρίν επέλθει το…Αλτσχάιμερ. Έχω κολλήσει τελευταία με τα φιλοσοφικά/υπαρξιακά/αθειστικά και δεν καταγράφω καθόλου την ζωή μου.

Φυσικά και τα περισσότερα θα γραφτούν παρά κλειστών των θυρών (μη χαίρεστε παλιοτυροβρωμίκουλες) αλλά έτσι και αλλιώς, ο σκοπός τους δεν είναι τόσο πολύ η κοινή κατανάλωση.

Αντε να δούμε εαν θα το καταφέρομεν.

Τι μου έχει συμβεί τελευταία στην ζωή μου λοιπόν;

Well, είμαι πια στην πρώτη σχέση που έχει κρατήσει σχεδόν ένα χρόνο μετά απο την πρώτη μου σχέση και που πάει αρκετά καλά, μπορώ να ομολογήσω. Δεν υπάρχουν τριβές, καυγάδες κλπ αλλά δεν βαριόμαστε. Γενικά σαν σχέση έχει βοηθήσει να σταθεροποιηθώ αρκετά εν Γερμανια.

Παλέυω ακόμα με το ADD μου για να συνεχίσω με τα διάφορα projects που έχω ξεκινήσει. Αυτή τη στιγμή δουεύω στο Wesnoth campaign μου και στο ανάλογο site, αλλά η προσοχή μου τείνει να διασπάται εύκολα. Ελπίζω να το τελειώσω πριν τα τινάξω…

Η δουλειά πάει μια χαρούλα και προβλέπεται καινούργια αυξησούλα. Περισσότερες (πικάντικες) λεπτομέρεις δεν λέω για την ώρα για να μην πάρω κάνα πόδι.

Αυτά για την ώρα.

Να ΄χουμε να γράφουμε

Καιρό είχαμε να γράψουμε εδώ λοιπόν, ας όψεται η μικρή διάρκεια προσοχής μου.

Τι έγινε απο τις 3 Ιαν λοιπόν; Κυρίως τίποτα. Απέραντα πεδία βαρεμάρας με μικρές αναλαμπές ενδιαφέροντος, όπως όταν άρχισα να φτιάχνω δικό μου campaign στο παιχνίδι στρατηγικής Wesnoth (δες το. Λέγεται Forgotten Legacy)

Πήρα και την άδεια μου επιτέλους. Μετά απο ~6 μήνες είχα φρικάρει πια, ειδικά μετά απο τα απίστευτα 10-12ωρα που τράβηξα τον Οκτώβριο.
Δεν έκανα τίποτα εκτώς απο το να κοιμάμαι και να λιώνω στο PC μιας και όλοι είτε είχαν φύγει διακοπές είτε είχαν εξεταστική. Το κέρατο μου δηλαδή για ευκαιρίες ξενυχτίου.

Τουλάχιστον ξαναείδα τον [tag]Elt[/tag] που είχα πολύ καιρό. Πήγαμε για μια μπύρα στο Ark και θυμηθήκαμε τους παλιούς καλούς καιρούς.

Αυτά για την ώρα, τα υπόλοιπα σε ξεχωριστά posts έτσι για να γεμίζουμε


Well, I’ve finally turned 1/4 of a century. I don’t feel too old.

It seems however that my lj writing has taken a break for a while. I just don’t feel like writing at this point.

This Monday I send SMS to various people I know to come over at the [tag]X club[/tag] where I’ll be hanging out tonight. Today most of those canceled 🙁 Still, If at least one or two show up things should be fine. I also plan to drink a lot (at least for me)

Happening this last month:

We finally solved the problem with the AD at work. The security policies had been corrupted and we restored the default ones. Pericles and I have become friends and go and eat crepes together.

I’ve once again failed at romance. A girl I thought was mine, changed her mind in the last minute. At least she continues to talk to me…

I’ve played F.E.A.R and finished it. I Started playing UFO Aftershock and I’ve already grown bored with it (Although I still like it a lot).

I used duct tape to fix my broken [tag]firestaff[/tag] (duct tape rulez!) and started double-twirling which is much fun. Unfortunately the weather screwed me up and unless I find a place big enough to use (or risk freezing to death) I won’t be twirling for a while.
Here’s some (not-so) nice pics as well. I turned one into my avatar as well 😉

I’ve formatted and reinstalled Ubuntu from the start. I got tired of stupid crashed and bugs. Still experiencing those. I’m waiting for Fedora 5 now.

That’s for now

I'm not well…again.

Recent developments have dropped my self-esteem and my older friends seem to have abandoned me altogether. It becomes tiresome to find that someone that you used to hang out with very often does not even go into the trouble to call you or send you a instant message. Yeah, 6 years of friendship my ass!
Psymon and Yo!Master, if you happen read this, you SUCK! You haven’t called in ages even though I did try to contact you. Yeah, have a nice time going to the beach or playing games. I know when I’m not wanted, it would be nice to know why at least…

I’ve been working on my linux desktop for the last few days. I have been using KDE and superkaramba themes. It is still a work in progress and this is what I’ve managed ’till now I still need to get the thunderbird theme to work and find some more stuff to fill me screen with.

I have also been lurking on the Deviant Art for a while, checking things out. It would be nice to be able to contribute something there as well but alas my artistic abilities are limited to desktop configuration and game design. However I think my sister could benefit from it. If I could just get her to register.

I also found out about Folding @ Home. It is similar to Seti@Home but it is about helping find cures for diseases like alzheimer and cancer so I think it is a much better cause. Since I have a relative power over the company’s network where I work I have installed F@H to 125 PC and got them to work for the good of all mankind. Here’s an updating sample of my contributions so far

Speaking of my work, I have been asked to provide an Active Desktop configuration. I have already cooked something up with my limited HTML/CSS knowledge but I would welcome any hints from anyone who has invested on the subject.

Browser Games

Well, I’ve started playing two games on the net. The Kingdom of Loathing is an excellent humorous MORPG that anyone should play at least once. Loads of fun and a complete waste of time to boot.
As I was looking to find one on the same style only a bit more serious and maybe with better gameplay I stumbled onto Strive for power which is very nice. However the fact that you can’t really play if you are not a subscriber (20 ap per hour is not enough to even move around) and that I can’t shell out the kind of money a subscription costs (it is only slightly less than a MMORPG) makes me search around for something else.

Now, I’m at work again and boredom is creeping slowly but steadily in. I have to check our network for virii and the tools never seem to work right. It seems one of them snuck into an unprotected win98 machine and started flooding the network with packets. The routers held but the accelerator puked and started doing whatever it wanted. A technician from it’s mother company had to connect to locate problem and trace it back to the original machine. Needless to say this was blamed (mildly) on me and I had to recheck all the machines for correct definitions and scan engines. bleh.
Now I have to send 4 laserjets to stores around Greece and I hate carrying.

My Linux enthusiasm has waned as well, I just can’t get off my lazy butt and find out why gkrellm2 segfaults all the time. At least Amarok seems to have stabilized since I started using the xine engine. It seems it was something to do with the alsa driver but the steps I took didn’t trace the problem.

Relationship is a mixed deal as well. I’m still hanging out with my new friend but it isn’t going to happen. There were some close encounters but unfortunately nothing special. At least an older acquaintance showed up and may be available for coffee soon.


Finally set Fluxbox up and running, learned about slits, dockapps, and some other stuff. Now the thing is starting to look cool!
I also set up my Smoothwall and I can finally feel secure enough. I can see a whole lot of portscanning going on but hopefully it doesn’t get past my smoothie. I was afraid its setup was going to be hard but it was a breeze.

Yesterday I also went with my sister to my cousin’s village to “celebrate” easter. It wasn’t as boring as I thought but it wasn’t very great either. Greek Ethnic tends to annoy me.

The last few days have seen a great deal of late night drinking and dancing/headbanging. I spend too much money and I don’t get any hot nekkid chickz…*sigh*

Now I’ve also heard who’s coming for this Summer. Megadeth, Dio, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and a whole lot of others. I’m going to turn into a ping-pong ball to manage to see all those and I also will need to save a lot of money as well. The Rockwave prices are preposterous as well, I mean WTF 60€ for black sabbath and 45€ for the rest? What do they think we are? We should go to Bulgaria with 15 euros…

I also need to go out today and must still find some company to do it…grr

Back to the routine

Aaah, four days of rest passed. Now back to work.

Situation with family seems to be on an uneasy rest, things haven’t changed. Friends liked the scar though 🙂

[tag]WoW[/tag] interest is waning again, and I don’t know if it will resurge once more. I feel bad for letting the guild down. However I like getting out once more and my grief seems all but gone (still have occasional relapses now and then).

I haven’t seen my gaming buddies for a while but I just don’t feel like playing games now, taking a break so to speak. Maybe in due time…

Downloading songs like crazy as well, exploring new bands I’ve never really taken an interest before.

RP groups going live

So, the RP groups initiative is really starting to pick up steam. Already there a re 4 groups in the forming and mine is scheduled to play today. I’ve also started a new thread for reference to all of them.

I’ve started reading on this page these last few days and it really makes me think about the shit that goes on people’s thoughts. The most normal people to the outside can be one of the biggest emotional wrecks. The facade everyone puts up is simply amazing. It also made me feel better about myself, since I don’t think I’m like any of them. It also made me feel bad because I seem to have everything going for me, appearance, smarts, abilities, creativity, no traumas…I dunno, I guess I’m just incredibly lucky.

I played my Raziel deck on Monday as well, and it pretty much owned. My other decks didn’t do so well but that is the only one that matters. I really hope I can make it awesome…

Job is boring today, extremely boring. I just can’t stop checking on the [tag]WoW[/tag] forums. I’m afraid I’m going to be caught on of these days and lose my job. We are waiting for some outside company to make a review on us. I can’t listen to music 🙁

Yesterday some friends from the past appeared. Nuclear and Airness. Both old gaming friends from way back in ’96. The memories we had…
Both were adventure maniacs, like me and they both go to the same programming school and are hacking like mad. I wish I had the energy to do that. Nuclear said he could help me start. I hope my short attention span doesn’t get the better of me…again.

I haven’t seen my sister or her BF for a while but I know they are busy. I should phone them one of these days for a coffee or something.

I’m thinking of starting my own business. A NetCafe in a developing part of the town. However with no capital whatsoever and a job it will be rough. Still, I always wanted something like that and I want to turn it into a tabletop gaming store as well.