The Division by Zer0 is, as you probably have guessed by now, a personal site. Specifically, it is, at the core a personal blog but it is also my own attempt at limited site design and dumping ground for guides and projects.

Nevertheless, at the heart of it, it is a web log so you will find mostly a wide array of subjects that happened to draw my attention or random thoughts I wish to throw into the void.

I mostly write in English but now and then I also blog in Greek. Some posts I send to Planet LGU, some to Planet Atheism and I’m a proud member of the Atheist blogroll.

History of a Division

After many failed attempts with free hosting services since my early days on the web, I decided to start a livejournal in early 2005 during a short sad period of my life. I started with the mind to create an online journal so that I can remember my life many years from no. Fortunately it never turned into a drama queen. This is however why you will find the older entries so unglued.

Eventually at mid-2006 I decided to move to my own hosting as I was annoyed that livejournal would not let me play with themes and whatnot. I liked blogger but I did not like the propriertary platform and I could not really host my own livejournal. Fortunately at around that time I discovered WordPress which had also moved to the new version 2.0 and I jumped on the bandwagon.

My blogging continued to more or less the same spirit but slowly morphed into a less personal style and more of a commenting/

Currently dividing by zer0…OSHII–

The writing here has since evolved and you see less and less random real-life stuff. Although I tend to write them now and then still for friends and relatives that might be perusing.

I really hope that you will find your visit here interesting.