Comment Policy

At the Division by Zer0 you are allowed quite a lot freedom in regards to your comments but I’d like to have a definite policy in place so that the reading is a good as possible. If you have a few minutes, please read through this and take special note of them.

Attention: Extra sauce for Anarcho-Capitalists (Libertarians in the US). Because they seem to need it.

Extra Attention: DO NOT COMMENT HERE about other posts! This is simply the comment policy, not the discussion point. I don’t believe I actually had to point this out…


If you have javascript disabled while browsing the site, you’ll still be able to comment but you may see other comments completely disconnected and in nonsensical order. This is because the site uses javascript to create a better comment experience with threading, looks etc and then imports the comments in the plain wordpress form.

I wholeheartedly suggest you activate javascript while here in order to be able to read and interact with the comments in the way you’re meant to.

I also have a spam filter which is based on javascript. If you have it disabled and fail to pass the subsequent checks, your comment will be put on moderation.


You can be pretty safe that what you write here will not be censored or moderated in any way. I will only ever delete obvious spam comments and hate speech and I have no capability to edit comments directly. What is under your alias is definitely yours. As a result I also cannot fix your errors.

Be aware that on some occasions, your comments might be caught on moderation due to spam triggers. In those cases, please send me an email to let me know if they don’t appear after one day or so.


I have never banned anyone from the Division by Zer0 and nor do I plan to. This has obvious limits however and I will not tolerate spammers or people who only intend to disrupt. People who disagree with me have nothing to fear and if you write like an idiot you’ll only embarrass yourself.


Quoting and Threading

As I very much enjoy lengthy conversations, I’d like them to be as easy to read and participate in as possible. As a result I would like you to follow these rules:

  • If you want to reply only to a part of the main post or a comment, use blockquotes (but only if which part you’re replying would not be obvious from the context)
  • If you wish to reply to more than one point in the main post or a comment, do not use multiple blockquotes in your comment with your answers beneath each one. Rather use one blockquote per comment and then write a new comment for every other point. This allows a much more fluid conversation as each point is discussed in its own thread rather than having huge comments with blockquotes. I’ve given a more detailed explanation here.
  • If you want to reply to a comment, please reply directly to that comment instead of posting at the end of the page. I have threading for a reason. If you are not replying to multiple points, you should not be using quotes. The threading will make it obvious to what and whom you are replying.
  • Please use proper blockquotes as they are formatted to be obvious. If you use italics or “double quotes” it is difficult for people to discern the quote from your reply. Yes I know that you’re not used to this html tag because blogger sux but do it for me, mkay? If you can’t be bothered to write it every time, you can use a handy extension for it.

I know these seem a bit much but they are pretty simple and they will ensure a more enjoyable conversation.


I don’t give a flying fuck.