My standard alias/nickname in the Intarwebs is Db0, which stands for Divided by Zer0. I thought of it when I got tired of my old one, Historian, which was related to my surname.
I’ve been using Db0 since around 2002 and there is a high chance that if you’ve seen it in a site, it is indeed me.
The initial idea came from the typical programming error, division by zero which results in an unrecoverable error when executed in a program, and usually and crashes it in the process.

In cases where I cannot use Db0 in a site (usually because it’s less than 4 chars), I use dbzer0 which is as close as I can get. Db0 also has significant google juice and the most results are now about me. Search and see.


Konstantine Thoukydides. I didn’t choose it, so I don’t have much to say about that.


A lot, or so I like to think.

I mainly play with ‘puters but I also do a bunch of tabletop gaming, a little of tabletop game design, reading, writing (i.e. blogging) and fire dancing. I used to be a hardcore gamer in my younger days but lately I’ve seem to have lost interest. I also do some passion programming, lately around Godot, but I used to design a lot of game definitions for OCTGN, or campaigns for Wesnoth.

I am also a bit of a geek and interested in all relevant things . Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Free Software, you name it. Now and then I post something relative in my blog but not too often.

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I tend to hang around Reddit and especially its anarchist section most of the time. When the moods suits me, I tend to get involved in various online projects as I have done with Wesnoth, Wikipedia etc.
I tend not to get too involved in social sites. I have a Facebook and a Twitter account (among others) but I am not particularly active in either. However you’re likely to reach me through either of these. I’m also on github, so you can check out some of my activity there as well.