My standard alias/nickname in the Intarwebs is Db0, which stands for Divided by Zer0. I thought of it when I got tired of my old one, Historian, which was related to my surname.
I’ve been using Db0 since around 2002 and there is a high chance that if you’ve seen it in a site, it is indeed me.
The initial idea came from the typical programming error, division by zero which results in an unrecoverable error when executed in a program, and usually and crashes it in the process.

In cases where I cannot use Db0 in a site (usually because it’s less than 4 chars), I use dbzer0 which is as close as I can get. Db0 also has significant google juice and the most results are now about me. Search and see.


Konstantine Thoukydides. I didn’t choose it, so I don’t have much to say about that.


A lot, or so I like to think.

I mainly play with ‘puters but I also do a bunch of tabletop gaming, a little of tabletop game design, reading, writing (i.e. blogging) and fire dancing. I used to be a hardcore gamer in my younger days but lately I’ve seem to have lost interest. I also do some passion programming, mosly in python. Through it I have developed the AI Horde and also various plugins for lemmy. I am also dabbling in Godot Engne, but I used to design a lot of game definitions for OCTGN, or campaigns for Wesnoth.

I am also a bit of a geek and interested in all relevant things . Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Free Software, you name it. Now and then I post something relative in my blog but not too often.

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I tend to hang around Lemmy, Mastodon and Discord most of the time. When the moods suits me, I tend to get involved in various online projects as I have done with Wesnoth, Wikipedia etc.
I tend not to get too involved in social sites. I’m also on github, so you can check out some of my activity there as well.