If you wish to contact me, the easiest way is through email or the below contact form:

I am also available through multiple IM networks such as ICQ/AIM (4107683), MSN (, Jabber (, Gmail (dbzero) and Skype (dbzer0) . Since I use a multi-protocol capable program it is very probable that you’ll find me online but also probable that I’ll be away from the keyboard.

If you still want to contact me through IM, keep in mind that I’m not really into purposeless discussions with strangers. You should message me if you have something interesting to say.

Other places where you may find me:

Phone contact is also an option, but you’ll have to contact me electronically first, unless you use Skype of course.

Finally I’m also lurking in a variety of forums, communities, wikis and message boards. If you see a ‘dbo’, a ‘dbzer0’ or even a ‘Divided_by_zer0’ it’s likely me and if you message me there, I’ll probably respond asap.