Well, at least I don't have to deal with this…

I also found out this blog1 about the life of a clerk within a video club holding a sizable porn section. Definitely worth a read. I’ve also wasted some perfectly good time trying to find some other nice blogs like this.

Yesterday I also saw the Doors Movie (or rather more appropriately, the Jim Morrison biography) and while a friend of mine enjoyed it I found the later half of the movie to be extremely irritating. The dude was an asshole, wasting his life and brains away and finally dying at 29. He lived in a time filled with lcd tripping hippies that adored him and he indulged unconditionally in all his hedonistic vices. My respect for the Doors and especially for Morrison has gone down ofter seeing this movie. Aside from his creativity, he has nothing redeeming and I truly can’t understand the people that have him as a role-model.

  1. UPDATE: 09/02/09: Removed link as forum has gone away and I’m linking to a placeholder ad page []