The janky mods of the Anarcho-Communism group in Facebook decided to ban me because I vented against U.S. Imperialism in a thread venting against cis people, in the same style the OP did. They piled-on me trying to prove that privilege-don’t-real if you’re poor, and deflected criticism by pointing out they’re not U.S. citizens themselves. Eventually I pissed one of them enough by applying the same logic to my arguments, that they muted me and asked one of their buddies to ban me.

Unfortunately this is par for the course for anarchist organizing on shit platforms like Facebook and that group had just devolved into the anarchist version of purge-bait. Here, I’ll give you a sample of the daily quality

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Why did nobody tell me 4chan pronounced me dead in 2014?

Just stumbled onto this randomly


Also, that random anon who later claims I stole his V:TES OCTGN code as mine. Lolwut, I’ve don’t remember ever touching VTES. Do Anons really believe anything they hear?

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