There are various projects that I have undertaken from time to time in order to enhance my own work experience or just because I wanted to learn how to do it.
Most of those projects were Linux based and I usually created a step-by-step guide on my progress as well. I used to host them at a Livejournal Community, blog style, in an earlier attempt to migrate a part of the enterprise to linux.

With the making of this site however, I believe the time has come for them to find a new home.Within these pages you will find information on stuff like my Zabbix server. A project that I set up for my previous employer which allowed real time monitoring and instant notification on failures.
You will also discover my Jabber installation, another thing that I am proud of. It was the first linux server I ever set up and not only was it succesfully integrated with the Active Directory but it seemingly was written well enough to be included as a guide (modified) to the ejabber project.

Why “The Penguin Migration”? Well it was the name I had on my original blog and I kind of like it, so I decided to keep it. Originaly this was supposed to be the “Projects” page.

Note: Contrary to the rest of the site, the guides under the Penguin Migration are under the GNU Free Documentation License GNU FDL