I originaly found out about Zabbix from a digg post that linked to the HowTo Forge. It seemed that this was exactly the kind of tool I was searching to setup in the network I was administrering. I decided to give it a try and I was impressed.

Zabbix is capable of monitoring an great amount of things in a network and if you have the time and motivation to set it up, then you’ll greatly enhance your reaction times. In my personal installation, for example, I had it set up to automatically notify administrators of various failures through E-Mail, WinPopUps and SMS messages. It had a network map displaying connectivity error in an easy to understand fashion and it also could display graphs of various performance counters.

And all this in a strict windows enviroment. When Linux powers the ifrastructure, Zabbix becomes a 100 times more impressive.
The Zabbix server was my parting gift to my former employer, and something I am very proud to have set up. What follows are the guides I have written of my installation.

You are free to copy and use them under the GFDL licence.

And here are some nice screenshots

Status Update – 15/05/2006: Unfortunately, since I have resigned from my previous position, the Zabbix project is now on hold until further notice.

Status Update – 05/12/2005: Due to legal reasons, I am withdrawing the screenshots until I can modify them appropriately. 

Start at the Installation

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  • Jorge garcia

    Necesito algunos mapas ya hechos , ojala me puedas hechar la mano te lo agradecere mucho………

    Att. el principiante =o)

  • Db0

    What’s that? I can only speak English and Greek.

  • atn

    Very nice and helpful documentation. Well done. It helped us to setup our Zabbix server successfuly

  • Steftheo

    Hi there db0.

    Thenks for the usefull article about zabbix.
    nice work there.

    and the translation of the first article is the following greek shit:

    χρειάζομαι κάποιους χάρτες που έχουν ήδη φτιαχτεί ή με τα γεγονότα, μακάρι να μου δώσεις ένα χέρι βοήθειας θα ήμουν ευγνώμων πολυ……..
    ο διευθυντής