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At the Division by Zer0 you are allowed quite a lot freedom in regards to your comments but I’d like to have a definite policy in place so that the reading is a good as possible. If you have a few minutes, please read through this and take special note of them.

Attention: Extra sauce for Anarcho-Capitalists (Libertarians in the US). Because they seem to need it.

Extra Attention: DO NOT COMMENT HERE about other posts! This is simply the comment policy, not the discussion point. I don’t believe I actually had to point this out…


If you have javascript disabled while browsing the site, you’ll still be able to comment but you may see other comments completely disconnected and in nonsensical order. This is because the site uses javascript to create a better comment experience with threading, looks etc and then imports the comments in the plain wordpress form.

I wholeheartedly suggest you activate javascript while here in order to be able to read and interact with the comments in the way you’re meant to.

I also have a spam filter which is based on javascript. If you have it disabled and fail to pass the subsequent checks, your comment will be put on moderation.


You can be pretty safe that what you write here will not be censored or moderated in any way. I will only ever delete obvious spam comments and I have no capability to edit comments directly. What is under your alias is definitely yours. As a result I also cannot fix your errors but since I am using a great comment system you can edit them for 15 minutes if put in anonymously, or until someone responds if you have registered.

Be aware that on some occasions, your comments might be caught on moderation due to spam triggers. In those cases, please send me an email to let me know if they don’t appear after one day or so.


I have never banned anyone from the Division by Zer0 and nor do I plan to. This has obvious limits however and I will not tolerate spammers or people who only intend to disrupt. People who disagree with me have nothing to fear and if you write like an idiot you’ll only embarass yourself.


Quoting and Threading

As I very much enjoy lengthy conversations, I’d like them to be as easy to read and participate in as possible. As a result I would like you to follow these rules:

I know these seem a bit much but they are pretty simple and they will ensure a more enjoyable conversation.


I don’t give a flying fuck.

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  • monique

    I think the reason I read blogs intead of writing a serious one (as opposed to my random LJ junk posts of no importance) is a fear of repetition. If everyone is jumping to post on the same noteworthy topic, I don't know if I could give it enough of an original spin to be interesting. That said, the more I read, the more I feel I want to dive in and make my own observations.

  • db0

    Monique, I agree with you 100%, which is why I try here to write wholly original content. I ill very rarely post on the same subject that the Atheosphere is.

  • db0

    Εεεε, τι σχέση έχει αυτή η ερώτηση με το comment policy μου; Τεσπα εαν θες να αλλάξεις το design του blog σου, πρέπει να πας στα settings > design και να παίξεις με το CSS

  • Καλημέρα
    πως μπορώ να κάνω δικό μου πρότυπο ? Στο Blogspot θέλω να αλλάξω το βασικό χρώμα που έχει το blog μου αλλά μου δίνει μόνο 3 χρώματα υπάρχει άλλος τρόπος να αλλάξω το χρώμα ευχαριστώ για κάθε απάντηση

  • db0

    White on black is even worse. And I don't find that it sux anyway

  • rhY

    Ummm… Last I used azureus it was built on java, which is a bloated, buggy platform that made any OS I tried it on grind to a halt. I'd hardly say it's "the best". I agree that Google and YouTube are evil, and inherently flawed by design. But please suggest an open source alternative that is portable, free, open source, and efficient, and definitely not based on JAVA!!! Further, I'm not really sure torrents and torrent clients are quite the same as an online video repository. What we need is a real free and uncensored YouTube for the people. Part of it's success is it's simplicity and ease of use!

  • db0

    First sorry for the article being problematic to connect and see. it's fixed now.

    I don't agree with your Java comment but I don't really care to argue on this.

    Further, I'm not really sure torrents and torrent clients are quite the same as an online video repository

    Well, Vuze has a video repository builtin as well. The fact that it's also a torrent client is a plus

  • Two words…. Jesus Camp. I'm sure everyone has seen that crazy shit by now. Even when I was Christian I would have thought that was batshit looney. Very nice blog!

  • db0

    Thanks for the comment Maggie but by commenting on the Comment Policy, I cannot really say what your comment relates to

  • db0

    You mean to reply in the "What would socialism look like" I presume? This is not an example of socialism but rather an example of how socialism might look like when in effect

  • pratt leon


  • Mr.huh?

    If communism wasn't the USSR then why were the writings of Karl Marx mandatory writing for all school children in the USSR? Also claiming that Stalin corrupted the "pure" communism of Lenin ignores the fact that Lenin himself was a totalitarian monster as well who used secret police to brutalize many peasants who were often promised private land for their efforts only to be betrayed by Lenin. Talking about how individuality exists in communism ignores the fact that Marx himself considered individuality and individualism "false freedoms". It is IMPORTANT to note that Karl Marx was a Hegellian, a father of H. G. Hegel who considered authoritarian State to be "God on Earth". Communism practically has its roots in Christian herectical Reabsorbtion Theology which preached that individuality was alienation. Are you even aware of the fact that after Lenin attempted "pure" communism, it resulted in a massive famine. Lenin actually had to reintroduce some private property rights in land so that the people could feed themselves. How many communists posting here have actually lived in some communist country.

  • db0

    Man, you are so false I don't even need to point it out. I already explained why USSR is not the same same as Communism. What people called themselves or read (without putting into action) does not change the fact.

    The rest of your comment is just pathetic.

  • The Wolf

    I think you give science too much credit- We don't know as much as we think we know.

  • Only when the corporate-class is physically eliminated this dictatorship of the proletarian will no longer be needed and the state will die out. Then we will have a real libertarian-democracy where we would be architects of our own destiny

    socialism (proletarian-dictatorship) will be a temporary stage after the collapse of capitalism and the begining of liberatarian real democracy (Anarchist-communism)

    According to my scientific-calculations we will have an anarchist-system (state-less) in the year 2700


  • db0

    I think you're commenting in the wrong place

  • great post very informative.

  • great post. i shouldn't read it at work though, i'll end up smacking my boss(which would be fine if i didn't work in a library)! ____liking the capitalist response: "hnnn, ussr! ussr! lenin was a monster!, marx was a hegelian!, ussr!"__that's your excuse for grinding millions of your fellow human beings into the dirt is it?

  • great post. i shouldn't read it at work though, i'll end up smacking my boss(which would be fine if i didn't work in a library)!
    liking the capitalist response: "hnnn, ussr! ussr! lenin was a monster!, marx was a hegelian!, ussr!"
    that's your excuse for grinding millions of your fellow human beings into the dirt is it?

  • db0

    Thanks Jack, but you're replying at the comment policy so I don't really know what you were reading 🙂

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  • Robin

    Your ideas on free market are fine and dandy if you can make a direct correlation between having stuff and being happy. This just isn't the case.

    • db0

      You are probably replying to the wrong place. This is the comment policy.

      As such, I have no idea what you're talking about :-/

  • Robin

    hmm when i clicked on comment under the article it brought me to this page.

    • db0

      You probably clicked the link to the comment policy instead of the "Jump to comment form" one.

  • anonymous

    Since blogspot added this feature, I cannot leave comments on sites that have incorporated it. Will I here? This is a test

  • anonymous

    Free markets aren't a system, its the lack of a system. Allow all people to freely group as they see fit. It allows for a distributed approach to finding the evidence you want.

  • The way things are going, we are IN a "revolutionary moment." The words of Peter Kropotkin sound almost as if they're being spoken today Take a Listen.

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