Is real life imitating the Onion again?

This story is just unreal.

Police Taser boy with broken back 19 times

When police arrived, they found Hutchinson under an overpass on U.S. 65 Saturday morning, Springfield’s KY3 News reported. The boy had fallen 30 feet off the overpass and was lying on the shoulder.

When the boy didn’t respond to police, they Tasered him, repeatedly.

What the fuck?

However, Ozark police say the wounded boy was a threat.

“He refused to comply with the officers and so the officers had to deploy their Tasers in order to subdue him,” Capt. Thomas Rousset said. “He is making incoherent statements; he’s also making statements such as, ‘Shoot cops, kill cops,’ things like that. So there was cause for concern to the officers.”

Because it’s completely unexpected for someone in extreme shock to say incoherent ramblings..

Authorities say their use of a Taser weapon should not be questioned, because they were trying to help Hutchinson to safety.

“It’s a big concern for the officers to keep this guy out of traffic, to keep him from getting hurt,” Rousset said.

What the Flying fuck?

I can’t believe this story is real. Is a joke site like the Onion? This is just too unbelievable to be true.

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