Typical: According to BBC, the history of physics is all about teh men.

Just saw this nice little video about the history of modern physics

Not bad, but something struck me immediately as odd. Where are all the women physicists? They couldn’t even bring themselves to mention Marie Curie, even in passing?

It’s just sad to see male whitewashing being as dominant as ever.

5 thoughts on “Typical: According to BBC, the history of physics is all about teh men.”

  1. Wow you are stupid, did you ever think that maybe because it was men that discovered all the scientific laws, Marie Curie discovered an element not a scientific law, that the history of science would only discuss men. If women were less lazy and bitchy they might achieve something in science but I do not expect that to happen anytime soon

    1. Fortunately, you little sexist piece of shit, that’s not what happens. Men simply either ignored or outright took credit for work done by women.

      1. Crazy conspiracy theorist, you probably believe the evil collection of men called the Patriarchy is scheming to destroy the rights of all women, feminism is so stupid and lame, nothing but crazy conspiracy theorists doing their best to ignore reality.

  2. Thanks for being awsome db0. Creating my favorite plugin/program and aslo being a standup guy. Rare to find people to like on the internet. Keep it up!

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