Sore Throat…again

Gawd Damnit!

Once again I get a sore throat without any reasonable excuse. I just woke up in the morning and my throat hurt and the next day I wake up and most of the back of my mouth is inflamed.


I wake up one hour earlier from the pain, and decide, what the hell, I’m going to start earlier so that I can find an all-night pharmacy and buy some Betadine.

I’d wish.

Not only were all the “Apotheke” (which is the word for pharmacy around here) closed at 7:30 when I was looking, but when I go on my lunch break, I found out they don’t have any Betadine (they have not even heard of it) but rather “Hexoral” which is supposed to be the same thing. So I buy one, in a spray and use it. It nearly chokes me and then hurts like a bitch in flames. And the worst is that it doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference. My throad is as inflamed as it was before, just in more pain.

And what the hell is the deal with the pharmacies around here? What is someone that needs a medicine urgently in the middle of the night to do? Lay down and die?

I fucking hate this sore throat business I’ve been having the last few years.

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