The Android: Netrunner Box Art

Android:Netrunner (ANR) is a Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games. It’s a re-implementation of the Netrunner CCG from 1996, with a few small but important mechanic changes.

The OCTGN Game Directory is the central point for this game definition.

If you’re looking for Installation Instructions, go here.

Development History

In July 2012 I forked my Netrunner CCG game definition and re-implemented for ANR and since August 2012, people have been able to play this game online on OCTGN. This happened in fact, slightly before the game was released to the market, as the card spoilers and scans were already available and I used that to create the core set.

Around September, I also implemented statistics gathering for games played online, which records about ~10.000 games played each month (and growing) and is frequently used by the ANR community to compile data about the status of the game and its balance.