A chain reaction of popularity

It seems that someone noticed what I wrote about reddit:atheism and decided to submit all his posts to reddit [1. UPDATE: It seems he didn’t submit all of them after all. I just noticed he’s been mainly submitting his own posts on reddit for a while (that pop whore) and didn’t notice the dates. Just ignore the “all” 😉 ] which led to one of them being resubmitted to digg which ended with their server going b0nkers.

It was at this point that one wonders “Where the hell is your supercache” :P. I could practically hear in my mind’s ear, Adrian going “Hooooooooly Shiii-“

Well, at least now you know how useful submitting your better posts to reddit can be 😉

PS: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Goddamn pop-posts getting dugg and then getting as many hits in one hour as I get in one month. It’s not fair I tells ya! [/rant]