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  1. Pretty accurate, though I have to say not all anarcha-feminists think that the reason civilization is bad is because it was created by men. I believe one of the main factors of anarcha-feminism is the belief that patriarchy is simply one representation of oppression (civilization being another), and that oppression is not inherently masculine.

    As for civilization, I think there are quite a lot of things wrong with it, as do most anarchists (I believe), but I am an anarcho-syndicalist/socialist/communist, not an anarcho-primitivist.

  2. Haha! I've found myself somewhere around democrat-socialist, mostly because I don't think private property is evil across the board, just evil in large quantities. Too bad I couldn't get down to the bits about technology, because I love technology.

  3. Mutualist.org says: "We believe in private property, so long as it is based on personal occupancy and use. " So either the "Do you believe private property is evil" box should be worded differently or the mutualist box would have to be moved to accomidate everyone who identifies as mutualist. Perhaps pro-property, anti-hierarchy?

    Also, I get the sense that platformist anarchism finds hierarchy, at least temporary hierarchy, useful at times.

    1. Mutualists believe in possessive ownership, but keep confusingeveryone by calling it “private property based on personal occupancyand use”.

      1. No, everyone keeps confusing everyone over the term property. I suppose it depends how you arrived at mutualism though. If you were previously a libsoc you would probably call it possessive ownership but if you used to be an ancap you're more likely to insist on private property based on occupency and use. TBH in common usage property and ownership are often used to mean the same thing so it's probably easier to avoid using the term any other way if possible.

  4. Democrat or anarcha-feminist, depending on my mood. But like Sitakali said, I don’t think civilization is bad because it was created by men. Women helped create it too. But it was an amusing one to end up with.

  5. I don't get the neoconservative/conservative distinction in the chart. What does it mean "Yes in REAL America"?

  6. No libsoc category, so I am somewhere between the mutualist path and the anarcho-syndicalist path.

  7. Wow, anarchist w/o additives. Certainly something to be said for the KISS principle. I’ve been toying too long with neologisms like ‘anagorist,’ ‘agoraphobic,’ and ‘thick individualist.’

  8. My very unsatisfactory result was "Democrat" (eeew) but I am as critical of Dems as I am of many species. The problem is that questions like "private property is evil" and "are you anti-government" are way too binary in the chart. There should be at least 3 or 4 options for each, if only absolutely/pretty much/a little/not at all. Far better would be actual nuanced, alternative propositions like "private property is good in moderate" amounts'. One can be in favor of both private and common property. Obviously the same complaint applies to "anti-government". Which form? Being in favor of totalitarianism would disqualify me from being a Dem, I should think.

    Sorry, but I'm disappointed. This obviously represents a lot of work but I think you need to go back to the drawing board.

    Poor Richard

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    1. Well, first of all, this is not mine as I said in the bottom.

      Second, I think it's accurate, because private property is a binary. Either you support it in some form, or you don't. Perhaps you're just confused on some level on what anarchists mean by Private Property?

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