And you thought American privacy violations were bad…

According to a law passed by the German parties CDU, CSU and SPD, from 2008 on it will be possible to trace who has contacted whom via telephone, mobile phone or e-mail for a period of six months.

— Anonymising services will be prohibited. —

This is a really frightening prospect. However many organizations are already working on getting this up to the Supreme Court so hopefully it will receive a negative ruling.

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3 thoughts on “And you thought American privacy violations were bad…”

  1. While it is a privacy violation, still it is more likely that it will be properly used, than in USA. Still it is only 6 months, in the end it is not a really long time.

  2. Well, the problem is that this is now legal and also they are banning perfectly legitimate services like anonymizing. This means, no Tor, no anonymouse, no Freenet etc. This goes beyond privacy violation to freedom violation imho

  3. but the European Court of Human Rights suggests otherwise – this is a direct contradiction

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