Android ftw


Very interesting.I have finally bought myself an android and I see that there is even an app for wordpress.Awesome stuff. As you might expect this is a post coming directly from it using the very handy swype typing interface.

Unfortunately the android wordpress interface is only useful for small posts like this one so it’s more likely I’ll be using this for twitter rather than my blog.

Still I am completely exited with my new gadget, and off a diaspora app comes out soon I believe I’ll be complete.

Also, photos directly to my

7 thoughts on “Android ftw”

  1. What did you go for in the end? I have the HTC Desire – Damned beautiful and Froyo is genius. Admittedly, I rooted within about 5 minutes and went for Cyanogen Mod with LauncherPro and it flies 🙂

    1. I went for the Galaxy S model which had received some raving reviews online. Froyo for it came out recently as well so I updated the next day. I'm not impressed by the battery life (although that may be because I've been using it quite a bit) but at least the good ting is that I can buy backup batteries, unlike some other phones… 🙂

      At the moment I haven't rooted because I don't see any clear benefit. What is your reasoning for doing it?

      Also, give me your android number 🙂

    1. It was fairly easy for me to do it.the software asked me by itself when I connected the first time and did it within a few minutes, no problems.

  2. Love my android (Motorola Droid) and can't wait to get the DroidX when my contract with Verizon renews.

    I rooted a while ago but recently got a minor update and it unrooted it. I didn't really see any clear benefit other than being able to swap ROMs (that I never did anyway). Although, I'm trying to remember, rooted phones can execute binaries. And you can install a webserver with PHP. This was the main reason for rooting my Droid but I was never able to configure the webserver to execute any PHP scripts. So that idea kinda just fizzled out for me.

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