Android: Netrunner on OCTGN really picking up speed

I haven’t been blogging much lately because my interest has been mostly consumed in my development of the Android:Netrunner OCTGN game definition and its peripheral activities, mainly casting games, streaming, promoting and of course playing it 🙂

Just recently we finished the biggest tournament in the world with 128 international participants playing over almost 3 months (1 matchup per week), and as part of promoting the event and the game, I took to casting the matches so that we can later post them online for other to watch. Many many cumulative hours of recording later, and I’ve created a youtube playlist of a significant number of the top matches from the tournament, mostly casted by yours truly, along with my personal NBN of co-casters and video editors. Take a peek if you want 😉

Not only that,but once the tournament was about to finish, I decided to take it even further and livestream the final four matches, just to bring some extra excitement. About 20 people tuned in to watch the final matches and we had quite a bit of commentary and all around fun. Take a look how it turned out.

But other than that, I now regularly stream my games online as I play them, just so that I may raise interest in this great game and also inspire others to do the same. And in fact I’m glad to say it has worked brilliantly. Already we have almost half a dozen players who stream their games regularly, and we even had some cultural complaints about the practice. All this is great news, as it shows a healthy community that will only keep getting larger and more active.

And we already have plans for new leagues and tournaments and people keep inventing more ways to enjoy this game and spead the joy around. The more interest all these generate, the better the actual game will do in sales, which is just great for everyone involved. The future looks bright!

PS: Feel free to follow me on or youtube. My games might not be as well commented or edited as some others, but I make up for it in quantity. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Android: Netrunner on OCTGN really picking up speed”

  1. Your casts are very interesting and entertaining.
    Congrats, db0! FFG should be honored to have such a dedicated follower, turning more people onto the game!

    Wimpgod 🙂

  2. The casts are interesting and exciting. I've subscribed to both youtube and twitch
    I'd like to record some myself, but you know I'm lo-tech and couldn't figure out how to use the application. 🙂
    I love the new A:NR screen on OCTGN! You've really made this game accessible to those who find it difficult to find local players.
    Kudos all around, db0!

    Gary (Wimpgod)

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