Are the USA heading towards a military coup?

All the recent events point to the US military moving to a position to depose of their President if he gets too out of line.

This is the kind of Propaganda I’m talking about  – Image by fletcherwarren via Flickr

I’m seeing way too many right-wing secessionist alarms coming from the US lately and the trend is much too concentrated and much too supported to be extremist scaremongering imho.

The Army generals have already declared their distrust for the current administration and I’m willing to bet that the ruling elite are funding most of the secessionist movements. They’ve already uncovered that the “Tea Parties” and “Spontaneous Rants” were setup by the NeoCons so it’s not really a stretch to imagine that much of the rest is as well. We already know that Faux News wouldn’t fart without Murdoch’s approval so their latest stunt gives at least some credence to that theory.

Personally, I’m starting to believe that this is in psychological preparation for a military coup. They want a large amount of the populace supportive of a forceful takedown of the current government. I can’t really foresee how this will go down but I assume an increasing secessionist/revolutionary movement through astroturfing and viral messages, playing on popular disenchantment and anger.

Once the kettle has been brought to a boil, all it will take will be a crisis ((I’m assuming a catastrophic economic event, such as a nationa default or the disuse of the dollar as the global exchange currency)) that will give the cause for the generals to step in and declare the government null or somesuch.

The sad part is how the “Liberals” of the US are joking about these threats as if military coups have never happened before. If anything, with the increased reliance of the US on Mercenaries under the control of private individuals (with very strong ties to the NeoCons) such a move would be impossible to resist through democratic means. The Democrats will still be thinking that this can never happen in the land of the Free while the fascist flags are being raised on the white house.

So I see this coming and it’s scary. The signals are all loud and clear. The secessionists are proudly proclaiming their plans for terrorism and nobody even blinks (while of course animal-rights activists are labeled terrorists and detained at the drop of a hat).The ironic insult to injory is that a very large proportion of the mess the US is in right now has been caused by NeoCon policies. And now that the opposition is in the rule, they are going to use the disaster they’ve helped create to push forward something even worse.

The most unfortunate thing is that the reactionary feelings of general populace are being guided into supporting fascists instead of being agitated to struggle for their freedom. If what I foresee comes to be, US Citizens will be tricked into exchanging a Plutocracy for a Junta or a fascist regime and all their revolutionary energy will be sapped once they realize the result they’ve helped accomplish (or failed to stop).

Perhaps it can’t be helped. The Socialism movement of the USA has been hamstrung through persistent and extreme propaganda to the point that the mere word is used as slander. As such, there are few people that can push the coming reaction to the right direction and while a crisis of Capitalism can turn people Socialist overnight, a sustained misinformation campaign, such as the one going on at the moment, can easily polarize in the opposite direction.

For your sake Americans, I hope I’m being horribly wrong on this.

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15 thoughts on “Are the USA heading towards a military coup?”

  1. If you ping and nothing comes back, what do you usually do? Think it has arrived?

    In your case I think the host is unreachable and needs a good (re)boot!


    1. The question is whether they will be anywhere to go *to*. Europe is on the course for a meltdown just as well. One can only hope that without US interventionism, a lot of other countries will finally be able to improve their own standards as they've been trying to do for decades.

      1. Living explicitly in Europe is actually the last place on our minds! (No offense!) The hope is that making enough startup money here can sustain us humbly elsewhere, quite possibly down under or in Central America, where I already have friends and family.

        Every empire falls, and new ones take their places. It seems unfortunate that people can't accept that. I overheard a clip from Faux News the other day, and they seemed incensed that the US was now #11 on the list of "Best Places to Live." It's completely intolerable that they would raise such a stink over something so trivial as not being #1…which is, in part, why nobody wants to live here now. (I'm originally from New Jersey, so I know a thing or two about mass exoduses.) 😉

  2. The very idea of this would be morbidly humorous, like the so-called "strike" of the upper class in "Atlas Shrugged", if I didn't think it just might be possible. I live in the southern United States, I know exactly what kind of rhetoric you're talking about, and I am frankly terrified by it. In retrospect, the events of the past few years, from the passage of the PATRIOT Act to the effective circumvention of posse comitatus, seem to have created the perfect environment for the establishment of a military junta. Even Obama's election fits in beautifully; after all, who better to serve as the fall guy for the capitalist upper class than someone who sounds, at least vaguely, like a leftist!

    I hope you're wrong too. But I have to say, it's looking more and more like you may be right.

  3. Yes we are in very dire straights in the U.S. But I've believed for a long time that the secrets powers have such a tight grip on the government that a military coup will not be needed. If they want the price of gas to double that's easy, if they want to bring down some corporations and restart that's easy. Marx said that capitalism is a goes through periods of boom and bust, and the bust periods bring down corps. & people. Obama hasn't brought a radical revolution I never thought he would he's just slightly tweaking the system. I really enjoyed your article!

  4. Most Americans are too lazy and stupid to even attempt to put up much of a fight, and the people that aren't are probably smart enough to avoid bloodshed for the most part. Indeed, if the "revolution" happens here in the next year it will simply be the majority of the populace giving up there last freedoms for essentially no reason at all. And why not? We've been doing it in tiny steps for a while now. No db0…from where I'm sitting, it seems that the coup on the horizon will be a largely bloodless one. after all…why start offing people?…the new feudalism that results will need plenty of hungry, ignorant serfs.

  5. Coups are generally bloodless most of the time, but sometimes they end up in civil war. In any case, wether a civil was will ensue is irrelevant, the frightful thing is that USA has finally matured its autoritarianism enough to progress to a Junta/Theocracy. Half the populace will be cheering and the other half will be in denial.

  6. Tweeted. Honestly, it's stupid. Here these people were in power until they decided to stomp all over the faces of the population and now they're acting butthurt and suddenly rebellion is cool, when dissent was unspeakable the last 8 years.

  7. Hello there, I really would like to contact you (privately) but found no "Contact Me" page, so can you create one? I'd appreciate it

  8. Think about it, Repub and Demo aside. The real fascist have created a monopoly already. It started in 1913 when they embraced the Federal Reserve. Which through its stupid advice prints cash and (hence) trade deficits yearly for a greedy group of fascist merchantlist (not capitalist). Could this country have sustained years of trade deficits with gold? Answer is no. And with these trade deficits (incresing supply of dollars in exodus) what cause is there in obtaining capital and jobs to get get the money back? If you think the ton load of problems we are facing now are anything new for countries using paper money, think again! Its much easier to start the printing press and sell the shovels and jobs overseas, for some quick goodies. Now that we are all out of money and jobs, the answer to many will be to print cash. And so the endless line of stupid fascist and interventionist government begins. If you don't believe it go study how Germany had the same problems with their central banks, and because of the chaos that ensued Hitler took power. Maybe look up Von Mises who was the central banker of Germany prior to its collapse, on his take on this paper crap they call legal tender. Is it too hard to see that the real fascism started with mediocracy of thinking you get something for nothing from other countries year after year without having to work for anything back? Now of course irresponsible capitalist will be used instead of planned merchantlism of a Fascist fostered money supply. But in short you are right, Bush sucked. Nonetheless, Obama is still part of the same one party system. The one that people will clamor for handouts from. So if the TeaParty is a symbol of hard working American's revolting against central planners (the true Fascist) I pray that they stay focused enough to establish a coup against the thoughtless group that has got us here today, the thoughtless neocons…and fako liberals. Both of which have no ideas of conservative money or liberalism as it really was really defined when our articles and constition were being founded.

    Instead you will hear let's take down the evil capitalist with regulation. They know not that the current situation was caused by central planners the Federal Reserve, regulating the value and supply of money. And that those being called capitalist are actually full born fascist merchantilist. As I see it we are already fascist, I thought of buying some land to realize that I'd be an owner in name only as it was the fascist government that dictates every aspect of what I can do with it. I'd suggest a firm reading of history for those really needing definitions of the terms Fascist, Liberal, and conservative. Its not the slang ignorance being used these days by the uneducated. The collapse of the paper currency which will occur shortly (with hyper inflation), will be where the true expansionist fascist (central controllers) will come to dominate individuals lives in totality. And it will be carrying a big cross and draped in an American flag asking to make puppets out of anyone who has ran their lives with dignity and self planning. God bless the seperationist who see what has to be done to challenge these inept fools.

    1. Dude, my comments are not the soap box for your personal Austrian/RonPaulish ramblings. If you want to argue what I write fine, but stop the random rants. I can't be bollocksed to disembowel them.

  9. Its not difficult to understand how 150 million americans haven't enough balls to stand up and face the menacing bully that is America. That in reality is virtually impossible. But what I cannot understand is how no one is even aware of the realities mentioned above. The avg man woman and child is hopelessly bound to the system because of the handouts or because of what the system is doing for them. It's about blatantly obvious to anyone over the age of 35, or it should be.

  10. I would agree with your hope that you are probably horribly wrong on this; America suffers from decay, crime, obesity, economic collapse, and a general malaise, but this is more likely to lead to civil war or chaotic biker gangs ruling the streets than a coup. There is just no tradition of theocracy or dictatorships or military rule here in the US for a coup or revolution to be a likely scenario in the near future. Stories like this one were run during the Bush/Gore election dispute mostly to spark a laugh:

    You make it sound like revolution is only a right-wing idea, but many radical left groups in the 60s had a dream of secession or violent revolution, but they failed to realize America just isn't ready for a revolution, of the left-wing or right-wing variety. If this was any time prior to 1861 then your point would be a legitimate concern, but the US Civil War basically established the dominance of the Federal Government over the individual state governments to the point that even in 2010 secession is more of a joke than a serious political program. I'm not saying the US is immune to political collapse, but I think it's much more likely to to just devolve into a 50-sided war of all against all than anything else.

  11. The Republicans have decided to do absolutely nothing so long as Obama is president. They misunderstand the current fiscal crisis and they are bent on sabotaging the administration's efforts to solve it. They have no interest in saving the country or its people from financial ruin.So long as President Obama seeks bipartisan solutions nothing will get done. As we slide into global depression or worse, the generals will take things into their own hands. They may be as disappointed in the majority party in the house as they are in the president. They may be motivated by patriotism.

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