Automated Rewards and Tiers

Hey everyone, I have finally finished integrating Patreon with the Stable Horde. This will allow me to maintain everyone rewards automatically, and adjust them according to your status on patreon as well.

This means for example, if you upgrade your subscription from one tier to the next, you will also receive the adjusted reward on the next month’s cycle without me having to find the time to adjust things

Also there is a new adjustment, where now patrons can utilize the horde even via VPN. The VPN restriction is in place to prevent people sending or requesting unethical or illegal content, so by trying your bank account to your username, you provide a way to block the access if it’s abused this way. This is allowed from the lowest tier, so if you have any reason to use VPN to access the stable horde, feel free to use this.

Finally, as an extra thank you, I have also added a small “candy” even for the lowest tiers!

For all this to work, I need to know your Stable Horde ID, and specifically the #number# next to your username! So please send it to me asap if you haven’t already! If you ever change accounts on the horde, you’ll also need to send me the new ID.

When you provide your Stable Horde id, you will also be listed on the sponsors page . If you would prefer a different alias to be shown on the sponsors, please let me know as well.