It seems someone was curious to see what I was writing in a previous post, about the final pictures from my old city, Thessaloniki. Unfortunately though, babelfish did an awful job of translating Greek to English and as I checked the result, I could hardly contain my laughter. I don’t know what automatic translation tools exist out there, for those still interested in reading the Greek posts, but babelfish pretty much sucks donkey balls.

In any case, for any non-greek speaker that wishes to check my blog, let me clarify that’s it is mostly boring, everyday stuff. I sometimes write a post in English, usually of some thoughts that I’d be interested if more people saw and maybe commented on.

Other than the blog though, the rest of the site is in English, so feel free to check it out if you wish. There’s some content you might find useful.

One thought on “Babelfish”

  1. Yeah, what comes out of Babelfish is… let’s call it a bit unpredictable and demanding a lot of effort of the reader.
    On the other hand, if someone doesn’t know the source language at all (and even can’t read a single letter ^^”), it can be helpful.
    (yes, it was me who had been so desperate to read this “mostly boring, everyday stuff” and tried to unscramble the results of that “let’s pretend it’s a translation”)
    Cheers! ;D

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