Bad luck comes in threes

And it seems I might be getting the treatment…

  • Yesterday morning, I discover that my internet connection has b0rked
  • After leaving work, I find out that my brand new used recently-repaired bicycle was stolen just outside the office
  • This morning, I forgot my security badge and I am afraid I might have lost it

Now among these, the third one is the least, the first one can be fixed (I hope without too much hassle) but the second one really brought me down. Especially since I had very recently spent €70 on repairs and I had grown quite accustomed to it :'(

I’m going to report it to the police but I’m afraid it is not going to do a bit of difference. Especially seeing as the bike was used and I do not even remember the brand.

Damnit! At least I hope that this string of bad luck is at an end.

4 thoughts on “Bad luck comes in threes”

  1. Seems as if internet problems starting to spread over Germany: my connection broke up Friday, 11th of July – and didn’t recover since then. I checked all the hardware, made several calls on service hotlines, asked all possible (and impossible) people if there may be a local problem here, but: no information, no solution and no connection :-! I’m really fucked up, because I _have to_ check my emails from to time to time and using a modem to connect to the the internet doesn’t only take hours but it’s a really expensive too.

  2. Alice. Fortunately their service seems to be better as my internet connection is back after one service call. I still wish they gave users the modem’s default password. Both so that I can modify the settings if need be and also so that I can change the password so that noone might connect to it maliciously.

  3. The internet connection at my place is lousy as well as you might know. I still don’t have a clue what to do about it anyway. Sorry bout that bike stuff – i had mine stolen a couple of years back – it was a rare soviet folding bike, nothing special but rare.. and mine.. well – after a while I decided no to use bikes unless i have to. Since then the only person using my bike was Liz. The Bike is still parked at Dyron’s current place as far as I remember, where I used to live a year ago or so..

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