Candles and Smoke

Disclaimer: This is mostly a test to play with my wpg2 enabled lightbox plugin as well as display photos rather than a normal blogpost 😉

So last Sunday, as always me an Vio visited Sam’s place as has become the normal for the group in the last few weeks. I don’t usually joing as I just can’t understand shit of what they are saying in German. It’s not just that they talk fast, but they tend to just eat half of the sentences while replacing the other half with slang I am not familiar with. Meh!


This is actually the reason why I do not join such excursions that often. I just know that I’ll not be able to take part in the discussion, will miss all the jokes and generally, other than being in the presence of friends, miss the rest.


Thus it needed a specific incentive to get me to join, and this was Munchkin. I was actually hoping to play a game or two this time since it’s been a while since last I did. So I took my handy bag (which is doing a disintegration act due to the sheer weight of the cards) and my new shiny camera, and headed there.


Unfortunately it didn’t happen after all. It pretty much evolved as I assumed, with everyone talking except me 🙁 Fortunately I had hugs and a nice gadget to keep me occupied. I wasted my time playing with the camera settings and taking pictures of whatever. I still haven’t managed to discover how to take nice long-exposure photos (Too many options of photo stuff confuse me), but I’m getting there.


In the end, I ended up falling asleep in Viola’s knees for, from what they tell me, 1.5 hour. I woke up late enough that nobody really was interested in playing Munchkin anymore.

Oh well. At least I got to show you all my new photos 😀