Charted life

I’m not the one to pat himself on the back for the smallest thing, but I must say that I feed quite proud about my latest little hack in my lifestream.

I was initially inspired by yahooza’s lifestream (via the lifestream blog) after I saw that little chart on the right side. He used the google charts API to achieve which seems quite easy to use and very impressive for online use. Thus I digged in my Simplelife plugin and started hacking around.

You can see the result below. For my limited php knowledge, this was quite a achievement 🙂

My personal pie chart

Of course the above is a static image, but within my lifestream page, this is updated dynamically every time the page loads. I like 😀

Of course, this will soon be available to you all since the Simplelife v1.4 is coming out soon and the author would like to implement some of my ideas in it.

Now all I need to do is to find a way to get the dynamic image in a format that I can put in other places without having to run the script along with it 😀