So, back to [tagLondon[/tag] for the weekend. The reason for this was to pick up the rest of my stuff that I left here when I left (consisting of a few clothes and whatever is left of my CD/DVD collection). I could have just send it with courrier but that would cost approximately the same amount of money as me coming here so…here I am.

It’s amazing the amount of coincidences that happened with this trip. First, I came yesterday and I decided to call up a girl I met a week before I left for Frankfurt. It turns out that she is leaving London for vacation this weekend as well. In all the weeks she could pick, it was this one.
Well, at least I managed to see her for a few hours before she left (she flew at 4am). It was a good thing that I didn’t come yesterday.

Another coincidence is that a guy I met from our common firestaff interest (in the Electric Ballroom no less) is having a birthday. Not only that, but he decided to give me a call today, after 3 months of no contact at all (!). I’m not complaining at all however, this is the perfect occasion for my night out. And I’ll get a chance to meet that perpetual whiner, Alex 😛

Now, if Nancy and Dan decide to visit London on Saturday, I’ll be amazingly surprised 🙂

The funny thing is that I didn’t even choose this date myself. It was all because my cousing could only let me stay here this week, when his gf is on vacation.

One thought on “Coincidences”

  1. What. You call me a whiner?? I am criticising things!
    And I can’t really recall what I was whinging about, lol.
    Please enlighten me.

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