Comment on Subjective Morality

Amazing! I was randomly reading my feeds and the Exapologist mentioned the Prosblogion and I though to take a quick look. There, checking up on a recent post, I happened upon a comment that perfectly describes my opinion on subjective morality.

That’s the essential distinction. People almost always seem to think that if the basis of morality is subjective then its arbitrary and any set of values is as good as another.

This (considering morality subjective) was something that the Objectivists I was recently discussing with, stood (and still do) upon to declare that I was using a defeated philosophy (or whatever).

Nice to see that there are others that think, at least similarly. I think I might visit that place again to find other such juicy nuggets of thought.

4 thoughts on “Comment on Subjective Morality”

  1. You have a misunderstanding of the meaning of subjective morality. Simply put, if a father kills a man who brutally raped and murdered his young daughter, it is obvious he has lost all reason. The intrinsically evil act of murder is still immoral however, the man is not guilty because he has loss of reason.

    1. That the man has lost all reason does not follow from the fact that he has murdered his daughter. Indeed for him, such an act has a benefit and thus is reasonable.

      Also, the act of murder is not intrinsically evil. There are no intrinsic moral values.

      Nevertheless, If you want to argue that I misunderstand subjective morality I suggest you start here.

  2. I don't believe in subjective morality. you can talk about that only if you have no mesurements to compare your morality with.
    That killing is not objectively immoral anymore.
    Bible sets values, you can read essay on morality by Bonhoeffer

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