Convincing Intense Debate to liberate their source

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After the recent exciting events I thought it is time to attempt and convince the guys behind Intense Debate to open up their code to the Free Software community and as a result reap all the known benefits such an action will produce.

I’ve been thinking of proposing something like this to them for a while but with all the recent alpha testing, convention-going and all the rest they were doing, I thought it might just fall through the cracks. However their acquisition from Automattic embolded me to go ahead and propose it.

I absolutely think that such a move will be an extreme success, both in terms of popularity and development.  Currently they are being outfeatured by their main competitor, Disqus who has already managed to rollout the version 2 of their wordpress plugin and also have various other necessary features like trackbacks (including trackback agnostic platforms like blogger).

Opening the source will also allow all the ideas that are currently waiting on the backburner to be worked on by anyone interested to have them. IDC can then just keep control of the commits and with two or three dedicated developers totally outrun everyone else.

There are of course more benefits other than fast development. For one, they will finally be able to put their wordpress plugin in the Plugin Codex so that we can get automatic upgrades. It will also open up the system to people with very specific needs who cannot currently use it. Those people could simply install it locally and tweak it for their own uses without taking up valuable support time.

So if you like this idea, go ahead and vote it up. All you need is a Get Satisfaction account and to click a button. Show them how popular this will be.

I would also love to hear any other ways you can think of that liberating the source will help. We can then use those as extra reasons for them to switch. Of course, if you have reasons why this would not be a good idea, also speak up. Lets discuss it 😉

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9 thoughts on “Convincing Intense Debate to liberate their source

  1. Good points:
    IntenseDebate the corporation could reduce its costs as it won't have to host every IntenseDebate forum in the world
    Quick fixes for the more trivial issues such as HTML entity support
    Larger chance for implementation of non-trivial features such as unified login between blog and IntenseDebate comments

    Bad points:
    A lot of work may be required to support global profiles (if this is desirable at all)

  2. Open sourcing any software is a good thing, no matter how useful it is (or not). I just hope they won't impose this bloated mess on users.

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