Do we need traffic lights or rules of the road?

Empirical Evidence once more points to the naturalness of Anarchy.

In a new installment of Things About “Human Nature” That Are Counter-Intuitive, we now see that far from avoiding chaos, accidents, delays, and congestion, traffic lights and other handed-down-from-above rules are actually facilitating them. This video in two parts gives you the rundown

Of course we still have people who just don’t want to believe that empirical evidence points to a truth that does not sustain the myth of the evil human nature and they endlessly make up excuses on why the same thing can’t work elsewhere. Nosir. This place was low traffic anyway, that place has very polite people, that one was blessed by Cheezus. Anything but admit that humans are naturally cooperative with each other.

And we can’t have such silly beliefs, for how would we ever justify the police and the state to keep us safe?

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