Doomtown on OCTGN

Doomtown on OCTGN is now very feature rich and playing it should be a blast for most. Here I explain how to set it up and why it’s so cool.

So my updated on the Doomtown engine for OCTGN continue at a rapid pace. I mentioned it before shortly but I thought I’d make a proper post about my progress with this and how to go around playing it.

EDIT @ 27/06/2013 : I’ve moved the installation instructions on to the dedicated page for this game definition. Please follow the step-by-step installation instructions for Doomtown there.

A Doomtown game in OCTGN in action. Currently in the middle of a shootout
A Shootout at High Noon

Not especially tricky as you can see. The trickiest is finding someone to play with. You can try subscribing to the Doomtown Facebook Group and see if anyone is available for a game. You can also create a game and hope that someone is online to join it since anyone who has Doomtown installed will see open game lobbies.

However I guarantee that if you like card or tabletop games, you will find this one a blast. In the recent weeks I’ve spent a lot of effort in automating away most of the more tedious stuff one has to do when playing card games online, such as modifying counters and typing each action that they do in the chat. I’ve literally spent the latter half of my vacation (while staying home sick) to code some pretty nifty stuff to use the powers that playing on a PC gives us in order to make the game easier to play.

For example, the game will let you know if you cannot play a unique card, because someone else has it in play (or it’s dead). It will automatically calculate your poker hand rank, taking into account jokers and what kind of poker you play. It will update your various totals (influence, control) as you play and lose cards and you can even force it to recalculate all your totals in case you lose track. It will pay your upkeep and receive your production at the start of the turn, and refresh your cards and hand at the end of the turn. It will even remember if you permanently modified a card before and add the same modifications in case that card leaves and comes back into play later on.

There’s still a lot of automation I’d like to implement soon and I keep thinking more as I work on it so I end up adding new features practically daily. You can follow the development in the forum if you so wish and I would really appreciate any feedback such as suggestions or problems you’re having.


11 thoughts on “Doomtown on OCTGN”

  1. I'm up for a game.

    This weekend I'll definitely be setting this OCTGN up.

    Can you create custom games?

    1. I'm up for a game.

      Excellent! Hit me up via email 🙂

      Can you create custom games?

      All games are "custom" in that way. I created Doomtown from scratch.

      Or do you mean something else?

  2. Does it have ALL the cards from all sets? If so, I should see if I can piece together a deck . . . it would be super to get to play this excellent game once again.

    1. Yep, all sets are there. They're a bit low quality but I'm working on that as well. There's also a fan set that I'm going to import soon.

      1. Sweet. Then I just need to find some time to piece together OCTGN and even more time to actually make a deck and play . . . But absolutely going to give it a shot as soon as I can.

        1. Well, if you do get around to installing OCTGN and Doomtown (seriously, it's not that time consuming), I can give you some of my bicycle decks to try out a game 🙂

  3. Just a quick thank you for the comments you made in your game definitions. It's really helpful to learn how this stuff actually works. I'm designing my own game and it was really helpful to just read through your

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