W00t! I'm playing doomtown once more.
In the past few days I've been converting some of my other gaming buddies, Σιδέρης and Αργύρης mainly, to play Doomtown.

Doomtown is my favorite CCG of all time and I was very disappointed when it was canceled due to lack of sales. This story is outside the scope of this journal so I won't re-iterate it but you can get the gist of it here.

Anyway, the guys are excited with the game and really like the great mechanics. I've searched eBay for stuff and found some Ashes to Ashes starters for them, one took the Agency and the other the Texas rangers and even though the decks are not very strong we managed to have some good games. The other day we had a five player games. It didn't finish but it was fun and the two new players were interested in playing as well.
Now I've just bought a box of Ashes to Ashes starters to split with the gaming buddies (and unfortunately the shipping cost were much more than the actual cost) and I'm going to buy 6 more starters to give to anyone that is interested in playing.

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