Embedded vids

Yes! With the help from the coolplayer author, I’ve managed to rid myself from Youtube. Now I can embed videos directly from the gallery. It seems it is just enough to put the video’s download link within the coolplayer tags and the plugin does the rest. Unfortunately the only way for me to get that link is to use mplayer’s embedded “Get url” option to get it and even then I must edit the final link and replace the garbage in the end and the file type (ex .mp4)

I’m not certain if Andor used another way to get the necessary link, but I don’t want bother him too much with questions. I’ll look around and see what I can find. For now, since I know the format of the link, I can just change the ID of the file and enter the correct extension and I’m done.

PonytailYou can see examples in my previous blogposts, let me know if you see any problems

Now all I need is some way to put the coolplayer vids on the side as floating, similar to aligned pictures like the one on the left. That would be just awesome.