Firefox Myths? You'd wish

Found this on the [tag]digg[/tag] and I’m really starting to get tired. So I’m calling BS and FUD

Debunk numero uno
Debunk numero duo

This guy has been posting (trolling) the same thing on every forum under the sun and he has been called on it countless times. He also posted under different aliases and names in order to give credibility and how he has been unmasked.
Only on digg he has posted the same story 3 times, one for each change he made to the article.
Now check this debunk out and notice the comments. Pwnage? I think yes!
People have actually been following him across the internet just to debunk his posts.
I’ve seen this “firefox myths” thingy pop on forums as a sig and had to put a “countersig” in order for the other guy to see the light, it’s like a god damn virus.

Too bad that it already has been dug more than a hundred times, it seems people are desperate to rain on [tag]Firefox[/tag]’s parade and are clutching at straws.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that FF has it’s own share of problems (Insert personal rant about memory hogging) but it is FAR better than IE against spyware and its extensions kick absolute ass. I’m sure I don’t need to go on, there are countless other sites to read about FF.

However it is also free (as in speech) and it gets better by the month if not by the week. It is something that gives me, the user, power to do what I want and not what the developer wants.
For example, if for some reason the mozilla foundation one day decided that firefox should have feature A that a said percentage of users found cumbersome, a new firefox would be able to be created (under another name obviously) that didn’t have it.

Firefox also does not have an agenda as IE has (promote MS Windows due to inability to work in other OS) and it will always be free (as in beer).

Anyone who uses FUD to downplay a product that has these values deserves to be called on it. If on the other hand Firefox was worse than IE, although I admit I would still use it because it is free (as in speech) I would also have no problem for other to criticize it’s existing weaknesses.

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PS: Actually, don’t read the myths page. It’s full of ads which is the real reason he’s trying to promote clicks on it, even through trolling.