Flower Power

Aaah, finally I had one nice relaxing week of vacation. Specifically I went to Viola’s Village and we stayed with her mother who has also an amazing garden. Thus I had the opportunity to test my new camera to see how well it funky function to take flower pictures works.

Some of the the results are below:


Oh did I also mention that the Garden is amazing?


We also went for a walk in the forest around the place and I got the opportunity to see wooden mushrooms, duckies and play around with wood photographs 🙂


Generally it was all around good fun and I got to play around with my m4d photographer skillz. You can the whole collection of pics at the gallery as always but I also uploaded some of, what I think, are the best at my Deviantart profile. So if you’ve got one of there, go and comment (or just do it here 😉 )