Finally set Fluxbox up and running, learned about slits, dockapps, and some other stuff. Now the thing is starting to look cool!
I also set up my Smoothwall and I can finally feel secure enough. I can see a whole lot of portscanning going on but hopefully it doesn’t get past my smoothie. I was afraid its setup was going to be hard but it was a breeze.

Yesterday I also went with my sister to my cousin’s village to “celebrate” easter. It wasn’t as boring as I thought but it wasn’t very great either. Greek Ethnic tends to annoy me.

The last few days have seen a great deal of late night drinking and dancing/headbanging. I spend too much money and I don’t get any hot nekkid chickz…*sigh*

Now I’ve also heard who’s coming for this Summer. Megadeth, Dio, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and a whole lot of others. I’m going to turn into a ping-pong ball to manage to see all those and I also will need to save a lot of money as well. The Rockwave prices are preposterous as well, I mean WTF 60€ for black sabbath and 45€ for the rest? What do they think we are? We should go to Bulgaria with 15 euros…

I also need to go out today and must still find some company to do it…grr