For fuck's sake, No! Being falsely accused of rape is not not NOT as bad as being actually raped!

And no, false rape accusations are not an epidemic either.

[Trigger warning for rape on all links]

What the fuck is wrong with these people? I keep seeing the same argument again and again and again and again , the idea that being accused of rape is not simply as bad as being raped but often worse. I honestly can’t believe how people can be so fucking dense so as to think this is true.

Note that I am not saying that being falsely accused of rape is not bad and can utterly damage your life, but it just does not even compare to the experience of being raped. Yes, both are subjective damages but the overwhelming anecdotes we have of rape survivors show psychological damage of such extent that it can never be repaired or avoided. Being falsely accused of rape on the other hand is only as bad as being falsely accused of many other very socially unacceptable crimes such as drug dealing and murder. The effect reach only as to the extent of people who know about your crimes and consider them bad enough.

A person falsely accused of rape (and convicted of course) may, at the worst case scenario lose friend and family and have their career ruined, but given time they can find new friends who will believe them and repair their social circle, even while hindered by the state. Many times they even clear their names eventually (otherwise we wouldn’t have such a nice influx of False Rape Accusation news stories for the Men’s Right crowd to cheer around). But apparently for some, even the short term damage of a false rape accusation that a male was eventually cleared from, compares to being actually raped.

Here’s the difference though, a rape victim most likely will never escape the damage of the event. Once the deed has been done, the scar will stay forever, no matter if the perpetrator is punished. You cannot undo the rape. You cannot restore the lost trust. You cannot wipe the memory triggers. Any story from rape victims that I’ve heard is magnitudes worse than most false rape accusation stories. And while a the occasional rape victim might take it better than others and survive with less emotional scars, on average the damage is far more severe.

It truly shames me as a male that I have to even point this out to others of my gender.

Many use the excuse that because the aftereffects are subjective, no comparison can be done. Well I disagree vehemently. Due to empathy we can easily grasp the relevant magnitude of each event, much like we can easily see the difference in suffering between having your face slapped, having your tooth pulled out and having acid thrown in your face. These are not all equally bad just because the suffering they cause is subjective. But somehow this comparison fails when it comes to rape doesn’t it?

Much of it I believe comes from lack of empathy. For males, especially those active in the “Men’s Rights” movement which repeats stories of false rape accusations and child custody gone wrong stories, find it far easier to empathize with the male who has been falsely accused. As a male, this is an actual fear they face, even if they wildly blow it out of proportion. In fact I’d go as far as to say that the fear of being falsely accused in the closest thing some males will come to understanding what kind of fear our rape culture creates for females. It’s easy to intuitively empathize with the kind of emotional pain that losing your friends and family can have.¬† It is not as easy to empathize with rape because most men do not fear it at all. There is no common experience, no horror stories told among friends and family, no victim blaming seen on mainstream media, to even give them an idea that comes even close to how damaging rape can be and on top of that, they have a wealth of rape jokes told by other males which will further trivialize any such empathy they may develop. Naturally then they feel that False Rape Accusations are far worse than actual rape. They just empathize more strongly with the former.

Doesn’t make it correct though.

The even more frustrating things is that the fear of false rape accusations is being used to perpetuate the rape culture. The idea is promoted that a false rape accusation is bad enough even if it falls through in a court of law, due to the psychological “lynching” by friends and family. The implicit idea then is that people should treat rape accusers with distrust because otherwise you unjustly harm the accused who might be innocent after all. This of course reinforces the culture of victim blaming where the search for justice for rape victims is itself so emotionally taxing and with such a high chance of failure, that most of them do not even bother to even try.

Then the Blackstone formulation will be conveniently trotted out to show that it’s better for 15 rapists to go free than for 1 innocent¬† to be convicted which is so frustrating because it looks at the issue in isolation. A more accurate formulation would be to ask: Is it better for 1 in 200 males to be falsely convicted of rape ((About 8% of rape accusations are dismissed. This does not mean that 1 in 15 males is falsely accused, but from all the males that are accused, 8% are cleared. Iirc, the number in the full male population comes down to around 0.5%)) or for 1 in 6 females to be raped? Of course this is also flawed since those two statistics don’t have to be in competition ((It’s a sad fact of the flawed justice system we use that they are but challenging the adversarial justice system itself is even more unthinkable for most)). Unfortunately those who bring up the false rape accusations and paint them as an epidemic of some sort, will simply push for more stricter investigations completely ignoring what effects this has on women trying to report rape and find justice.

Fact of the matter is that compared to the frequency of actual rape, the number of false rape accusations is a drop in a bucket. To put weight into tackling those few false rape accusations without first tackling the actual epidemic of rape is a travesty, which becomes even worse when one considers that the way some males want to tackle the false rape accusations would actually reinforce the rape culture.

That does not mean I am opposed to reducing the false rape accusations while we’re at it but for crying out loud, get your priorities straight first and only then, look for ways to address it that don’t make the raped women even more marginalized. Unfortunately I think that the current court system and laws are inherently flawed and it’s a sad fact that the heavy handed statist response to the rape epidemic can’t address it without causing some harm elsewhere. One would hope this would make people rethink their premises, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen.

Finally, let me suggest an idea to make males who dismiss the idea of the rape culture while simulataneously railing against false rape accusations. It might give them an idea of how it feels to be a woman in a rape culture. Ask them, if 0.5% of males being falsely accused is a horribly large amount, how they would feel if the percentage was 18%. Would this scare them of having relationships? Ask them how they would feel if they could be easily falsely convicted without any court proceedings. Would this terrify them? Ask them how they would feel if they could be instantly falsely convicted of rape without court proceedings by their wife, their friends, or their aunts, while walking their dog, while sleeping over at a friend’s party, while drinking at a bar. Would this isolate them in horror? Ask them how they would feel if they could be easily falsely convicted of rape by many females who acted in coordination and backed up each other’s story. Ask them how they would feel if the state, their family, their friends all told them that the only way to avoid being falsely convicted of rape without a trial was to constantly use a voice recorder or a camera to record everything that happens around them. Would they think this is a sensible solution? Ask them to imagine that all of these were true at the same time and imagine how it would feel to live their whole life in such an environment.

And then remind them that this is how all women feel currently, only with worse psychological damage to boot.

PS: Bonus link (big big big rape trigger warning). Show them this gut-wrenching story and then remind them that this counts as part of the false rape accusations statistic.

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  1. Db0, I am a male rape victim and would, given the choice, rather be raped again than have my small community discover that I was being accused of raping another person.

    1. I am in the exact same position. Being raped was definitely horrible. Then having the girl tell everyone that I wanted nothing to do with her because I was afraid I knocked her up… just a lovely cherry on top. For me though the damage the statements she made after the fact did to my reputation and interractions with other people was far worse than the actual rape… That being said, I would imagine that the impact to my life from being accused of rape would also be far worse, for me, than actually suffering a physical rape again.

  2. A person falsely accused of rape (and convicted of course) may, at the worst case scenario lose friend and family and have their career ruined, but given time they can find new friends who will believe them and repair their social circle, even while hindered by the state…

    Actually, it would be closer to the worst case scenario for them to be repeatedly raped in prison. You are grossly underestimating the brutality and violation inherent to the prison system. Falsely accusing somebody of anything that carried a possible prison sentence is a horrific thing, because prisons are horrific places.

    So actually, being falsely accused of rape can be as bad as being raped, because getting convicted would likely mean being raped.

    1. First of all, being falsely accused does not necessarily mean that you are falsely convicted. Even if convicted it doesn't always mean you go to jail (sad but true). Even if you go to jail, it doesn't necessarily mean that you go to a high security jail among the general population. Even if you go to a high security prison, it's not a certainty that you will get raped.

      Finally, the fact that rape is common in prisons, is a horrible flaw of the current prison system, but to treat the low chance of getting raped in jail if one is falsely accused of rape to make the act equal to an act of rape is quite weak as far as arguments go.

  3. Good lord, what absurd nonsense. Is this Shake-A-Puddin-Ese?

    Two people are involved in rape and accusations of rape:


    An innocent man accused of rape, punished for it, may well suffer existential problems equivalent to those of a woman who was raped. Not the SAME problems, but equivalent ones.

    If you were not so focused on hating men and praising women who play at the victim, you’d see this.

    Women who are raped experience power disparity point-blank, gender insult, corporal invasion/battery, and attendant psychological harms.

    You might try asking how well an innocent “rapist” fares in prison, and how he fares psychologically afterward, before you assume there’s absolutely no comparison.

    What incredible selfishness and hubris you display.

    Not to mention, ignorance and bigotry.

    1. You're funny, funny-person.

      While the falsely convicted male for rape might will suffer as much psychological damage as the victim of any other falsely convicted crime, it is nowhere near the psychological trauma of a female victim of rape. And if he gets extra trauma for being raped in jail, then that's a consequence of the rape culture that I'm attacking in the first place.

    2. We all hear about rape and whatnot that purportedly goes on in prison… So, IF an innocent man were to be accused and imprisoned for charges of rape…he might end up being raped… Just wanted to point to that possibility. So, I was thinking…if a woman falsely accuses a man of rape and all this goes down… isn't she partially at fault for his rape (if he is raped in prison)? What do you think about this thinking?

        1. You just linked to the top of your page. Its like you are a broken record player shouting vitriolic statements over and over again. That is not a reasoned debate, that’s a monologue.

  4. I was falsely accused of rape 13 years ago . I spent 6 days in custody and waited 3 months of living hell before the police decided no further action would be taken as my accuser recanted. No action was taken against her. My life was changed for the worse ever after. Sometime during those 6 days my soul died, I think about it every day though life is improving. Still some members of my community shun me when I return home, I had to move away.

    To blankly suggest Rape is worse than False Rape displays the same lake of empathy that you accuse others of. The reality of it is that experiences of rape and false rape vary greatly and to say one is a always worse than another is irresponsible. Speak to people who have been freed by the innocence project after 20, 30 or more years, their experiences make mine look like a cake walk.

    I empathise ( as best I can) and sympathise with both the raped and falsely accused. Which I hope all responsible citizens do.

      1. I most certainly did read the article, including your 2nd paragraph. The points I take issue with are:-

        "For fuck’s sake, No! Being falsely accused of rape is not not NOT as bad as being actually raped!" ie the title premise

        "Being falsely accused of rape on the other hand is only as bad as being falsely accused of many other very socially unacceptable crimes such as drug dealing and murder. " A main point from the second paragraph you refer to.

        Firstly the socially unacceptable of rape and sex crimes in general is FAR greater than other serious crimes. A crimes seriousness and social acceptability are not the same, bank robbers are sometimes seen as folk heroes for instance. The catastrophic loss of friends and trust of your communities is akin to PTSS, it haunts you forever.

        Secondly the suffering of one falsely accused of rape relative to those falsely accused of other crimes has little to do with whether the falsely accused suffers more than an actual rape victim.

        1. Firstly the socially unacceptable of rape and sex crimes in general is FAR greater than other serious crimes.

          Murder, Bestiality and in many cases serious drug abuse can carry as harsh social reprecursions as accusations of rape.

          The catastrophic loss of friends and trust of your communities is akin to PTSS, it haunts you forever.

          And this sufferring is nowhere near as harsh as the psychological damage of being raped. Seriously, you're comparing the loss of friendship with a devastating bodily and psychological invasion.

          1. He never stated you weren't reasonable. There's a difference between being reasonable and acting reasonably in debate. I'm not sure why someone oh so smart as you got such a simple thing messed up.

          2. Although you may possess the ability to reason, you are also very good at evading and twisting it to push your feminist ideological agenda.

          3. That’s all you have isn’t it? I am always amazed that ideologues think they can have a monopoly of the ‘truth’.

          4. Given how MRA scum like you like to shout down everyone else who doesn’t agree with you, it’s obvious us “ideologues” have no monopoly on anything

          5. th eloss of friendship? Really? How about the loss of dignity, of reputation etc? To say that being falsely accused of rape is no worse than being accused of drug dealing is about as fallacious as saying being raped is no worse than being assaulted… meaning very fallacious!

  5. “A person falsely accused of rape (and convicted of course) may, at the worst case scenario lose friend and family and have their career ruined, but given time they can find new friends who will believe them and repair their social circle, even while hindered by the state.”

    I think this is inherently a false dichotomy. Depending on who you are and what is important to you, losing your friends and family and becoming a social pariah could easily be worse than rape. On the other hand, rape could be a lot worse than this. It all depends what hits closest to home: is it your body or is it your family?

    You might as well say that rape is worse than being excommunicated by your church. Sure, for most people it is, for many people it is not. There are a whole host of cultural and individual differences you callously toss under the rug with this statement. I fail to see how marginalizing one class of victims helps another class.

    1. This is not about an individual case by case. Yes, some person falsely accused of rape might take it very hard, while some rape victim can take it in stride, but the same person is likely to take a rape far worse than a false rape accusation. Most false rape accusations are just nowhere near as bad as the aftereffects of rape.

      1. How can you know which one is more traumatic? Can you get inside the heads of ALL rape victims and ALL people who have been falsely accused of rape?

        You’re comparing apples and oranges. Its like asking what is more traumatic; burning to death or being sawed to death?

        Every rape is different. Every false rape allegation is different. Rape rarely lasts longer than an short duration of time. Some people falsely accused of rape spend YEARS in prison. A false rape allegation is a betrayal by all of society in which you lose your freedom and potentially your life.

        Even if your allegation that rape is worse than false accusation is true, what is your point? False accusations are not a problem?? You can believe whatever statistics you choose to believe, but in every case that makes the headlines, the same problems occur over and over again; an overzealous prosecution willing to take the word of an individual with a record of lying over physical evidence. The prosecutor declines to prosecute false accusers even with damning evidence of lying. This does not occur with any other crime with nearly the same frequency.

        Due process is an integral part of a free society, its not ‘not taking the victim seriously’. If anything false rape accusations do harm to rape victims because they may feel less likely to be taken seriously. Regardless of HOW big or HOW bad of a problem you think it is, false rape accusations ARE major problem.

        Damn you feminists and manginas allies feed off of your own failure to achieve your ideological concept of ‘equality’. The more you don’t get your way, the more you cry ‘discrimination’ and ‘misogyny’.

        1. Yeah, not equalling a hugely traumatic experience with an mere accusation is “not getting our way”. Feel free to fuck off MRA scumfuck.

          1. A ‘mere accusation’? Men have lost 30+ years of their life and have been murdered(and raped) because of false rape accusations.

            There is no further elaboration to be made. Its clear that you are a bigot.

          2. I think it is relevant. I am guessing you are about 20 years old. Please correct me if I am wrong.

          3. You may think that it is relevant, but it isn’t. My age has no relation whatsoever to my telling you fuck off.

  6. And I say this KNOWING you are attempting to express the marginalization of one class of wronged people. Using this sort of tactic seems to simply put you on the other side where we’re told that “some people” (who are apparently not the people you relate to, if your analogies are true) have pain that is inferior to other people.

    While rape is almost certainly a bigger social issue than false accusations (given that the false accuse rate is definitely WAY less than 50%), there simply is no cause to trivialize people who have been needlessly ruined to make that point. Doing that makes you no better than any of the sources you cite- you simply take the other side of the coin.

  7. I do not trivialize the people who have been needlessly ruined. But to compare such ruin, with the ruin of rape, is trivializing the suffering of rape victims and promotes a very particular agenda which tries to imply that rape is not such a big problem.

    1. But often those needlessly ruined are ALSO raped. Unlike those who are raped on the outside who get some sympathy, though never enough, those on the inside are raped/sodomized and beaten. To compare that with a simple rape, it is like getting raped over and over (and often the victims of false accusations do).

      1. Irrelevant. The rape-culture in prisons is a problem of patriarchy and has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Not to mention that rape in prison is wildly overestimated due to pop culture, not to mention revenge culture.

  8. If not for feminist brainwashing,
    rape wouldn’t be considered nearly as bad.

    A false accusation destroys the man’s life for ever.
    A rape is 5 minute event, very forgettable.

    Psychology is a pseudoscience.Victim mentality and
    vindictive attitude among females make it so worse.

    Lost trust? Give me a break, I never trust anyone
    to begin with.

      1. Sure, I have no interest in entertaining your pathetic blog anyway.
        But, I will ask you questions, make you think again (not that it's going to change your bias.)

        First of all, tell me what remains after a person has been raped without much violence? The only thing that remains are the painful memories. It's a neuro-biological fact that memories fade over time and are replaced by newer ones, unless someone intentionally wants to hold onto them. She gets the full support of the society and gets to brag about how horrible the 5 minute event was.

        Now, tell me what the consequences are for a falsely accused? He suffers life long rejection from the society and his basic rights and freedom are taken away.
        Being falsely accused is a million, no billion times worse than a 5 minute non-violent rape.

        1. I like how you declare with authority that the end results of rape are trivial, when the vast majority of rape survivors tell the opposite tale.

          Really, fuck off.

          1. She doesn’t brag. She cries out for support. Women need to socialize through venting to heal. Just because you don’t need it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist – for women. Men and women are different, and your attitude is ironically the result of ardent feminism which downplays these very differences.

            Actually, the painful memories of rape last a lifetime. No pleasant memories can every remove that pain or fix that. Once a woman is raped, a part of her is murdered, and she can never get it back, and all the platitudes, self-righteousness, and things that work for guys will never help. Her body is HER property, and the right to control her body is forever undermined. It may ruin her social life, cause her to shut down emotionally, and cause her to be dependent on antidepressants and other therapy for life. And worse, since rape violates a natural boundary, the boundary may never be repaired, leaving her vulnerable to someone else, and yet another. When it comes to forced prostitution, that is the goal, to destroy the woman’s boundaries and sense of self and turn her into a f**king machine.

            And losing 2-10 years of your life in prison for something you didn’t do, being sodomized and beaten numerous times, losing your entire support system, etc., is, IMHO, worse that rape. I am not an authority, but I have a friend in another state who is. She was mutilated as an infant, forcibly raised as a boy and passed off to rapist preachers, and set up by her parents to be beaten “to make a man out of” her, She still knew she was a girl inside, despite the extensive destruction of her female parts as ordered by her parents. She enlisted into the armed services and was gang-raped on base. And years later, a teen girl kept coming onto her (she was living as a guy) and she kept saying no, and told her to pay attention to her stories. So she made up a rape charge. And the DA was up for reelection, and cops had tampered with the evidence, such as doctoring a 4 hour interview where she vehemently expressed innocence and splicing tape to make it a 1 hour confession. Her lawyer never brought up certain things, and she and her lawyers were blocked from all exculpatory evidence. A DNA test of the accuser’s child would have proven that. And more than likely, the child was not the same race as either the accuser or the accused – so what does that mean? Now, my friend was never raped in prison. Her rough childhood had prepared her for life behind bars. Others already knew her to be macho and a fighter (some probably went to school with her, and probably carried some scars from her due to being bullies to her), a helpful person in the community, and helpful behind bars. She helped quite a few reduce recidivism rates by teaching them to read, write, and do math behind bars. And she gave the guards about the least trouble. And to this day, she has to register each year, though the whole matter was disposed of in the 80’s. She thought is was behind her, and that she had paid for what they said she did. And now she has to register, and everyone wants this elderly woman kicked out of her home – and she doesn’t even have the body part needed to do the said crime. (She finally had corrective surgery a handful of years ago.) So she knows what both gang rape and false accusations are like.

    1. Rape is bad and should be considered on par with murder as it kills the soul. It is a type of slavery too, and that has been illegal a long time.

      Like a false accusation which results in lasting consequences and sometimes physical disability as a result, rape destroy’s a woman’s life forever. It is stealing and destroying something that can never be given back. Maybe having someone gouge your eyes out would be a fair comparison. A woman has a certain sensitivity and empathy that men can neither possess nor understand. Once raped, most of her goodness, passivity, and trusting nature are gone forever, and she may suffer PTSD. So a rape to a woman would be like cutting off a man’s dominant hand our gouging out an eye. Women live off of their feelings a lot like men live off of their sense of accomplishment, so attacking either ability and need is attacking the core of who they are.

      Psychology is a subjective science, not fake science, and really more of an art. Trust is a strength, and not trusting anyone to begin with is a weakness (IMHO).

  9. Why are you still here? The fuck! That you presume to trivialize rape so much is enough to thoroughly discredit you in itself. Please don't barf all over my comments anymore. I have no desire to speak to rape apologists.

    1. You have no arguments against me, just curses and shaming tactics. You claim rape is so horrible, but you really have nothing to prove that except for "ask a rape victim"(who may easily exaggerate), yet you pretend you know everything about a "false accusation victim". Sure, good bye, I don't like hypocrites.

  10. PART 2 As long as the law fails to require evidence in sexual assault cases as it currently done (unless you've been through a trial you have NO IDEA how many less rights the accused have than in any other case, and how many more rights the accuser has than in any other case, until you’ve lived espousing about how the system ‘works’ is just blissful ignorance) it will continue to be a witch hunt with ever increasing victims. Until you sat on both sides of the fence having an absolute opinion on which is worse is a luxurious place to be. I’m pretty sure that my son spending the last of his teenage years in a 6×8 ft cell23.5 hours a day with a man who may choose to kill him at any moment due to his charge, knowing that prison guards are sending obscene threatening mail to his little sister and having to watch his mother waste away to 102 lbs, missing the funeral of his grandfather and his uncle, not being able to comfort his aunt and grandmother, being resident in a world where many of those he is surrounded by will never touch another human being and will likely die in prison, where life ending diseases are more common than band aids, where a visit with your family means a strip search for your mother, being denied access to work or education or medical care because as a 'sex offender' you are unworthy, being told that your face will be cut from ear to ear, having pedophilic guards gawk at you as you shower while threatening to look up out where your family lives, I don't believe this will be easy things to get over for my son or anyone who has been in his situation for that matter. I have taught my children do not insist on opinions in matters you are not knowledgeable of. Know what you don't know. For those interested in being educated not just penning opinions based on TV shows or statistical data from 30 years ago you should know that those accused are not entitle to a speedy trial, to confront their accuser, or to compel witnesses in their defense. You should know that making a claim of rape will immediately entitle you to a cash payment, access to ongoing disability payment, waiving of pending criminal charges against the accuser and the right to legal citizenship in the US for undocumented persons, also rent payments, job procurement and in cases involving child custody disputes, a large percentages of claims made, sole custody of one's children. As for the man accused, due to the rape shield laws and accuser can not be questioned on any matter which relates to the history of character of the accuser, including prior false allegations. Any alleged prior 'bad acts' on the part of the defendant rather they resulted in arrest or conviction or not are all admissible in a rape trial (and domestic violence, but NOT in any other criminal case) Without being able to ask anything of the accuser that would be viewed as history or character a defendant is left with almost nothing. Lastly, unlike on TV, there is no such thing and physical evidence of rape. There is no way to determine whether sex was consensual or not, nor whom it was with in absence of DNA. DNA being the property of the state, only admissible when a judge allows it, a defendant has no right to compel it being used at trial. They can ask and can be told no and YES it happens all the time. Prosecutors readily admit and glorify in all their literature the procedure of only seeking evidence which proves a crime took place and to avoid anything that would disprove it. Even if my son had originally been found not guilty (if the judge and DA had not conspired and there hadn't been jury tampering) the trial alone was worse than my rape. I was only held for 5 hours. My son is no longer a convicted rapist and yet he still sits in prison.

    1. I want to believe you, because it is close to my position. But Why is your son "no longer convicted" but still in jail? And what state did this occur in? I ask because I have not heard of the rape accuser entitlements. Do you have a link? Anyone?

  11. The bottom line here is that the completely innocent men who are falsely accusedconvicted of rape and the completely innocent women who endure actual physical rape ARE BOTH VICTIMS OF THE CRIME OF RAPE! They both deserve support, empathy and ,most importantly, our promise that we, as intelligent people with differing points of view, will cut back and tone down these ridiculous pissing matches that pointlessly attempt to rank which crime inflicts more damage to whom or compare one victim's suffering to another's and instead start finding constructive ways to work TOGETHER in an effort to reduce rape crime rates across the board…

  12. You are a fool. Being falsely accused of rape is as bad as rape.
    Imagine if your friends and family believed you did it – to lose everyone close to you. To face decades in prison, being raped and abused.


    1. Yeah, because all rape accusations are believed and sent to prison where they are raped and abused. Of course. No rape accusation has ever gone nowhere.

      1. So because some rape accusations ‘go nowhere'(which could mean a lot of things like the suspect was arrested but not convicted or the rape didn’t take place or the victim decided to not pursue charges) that means that false rape accusation is not traumatic or a serious problem? Imagine ‘only’ spending 2 months in jail knowing that you could spend 20 years in prison. Even if NOTHING happens to you in jail, the experience in itself would be terrifying as hell even if charges are dropped or you are found not guilty. It is not the same as getting a dui or being in a car crash.

        Your argument is akin to saying combat is not that traumatizing because only a small percentage of soldiers end up getting killed or maimed. Do you have any empathy?

        1. Still doesn’t compare to being raped.

          And why are you still here? Didn’t you say you were going to fuck off finally? How much more obvious can I make it that I consider you a scumfuck I don’t want to listen to anymore?

          1. Lol you couldn’t provide a proper rebuttal so you insult him trying to protect your own views instead of considering that you were wrong. Welcome to the internet.

  13. You said falsely accused (and convicted of course) so answer this: You have 2 choices. Only 2. One, you get raped. At knife or gunpoint, get your ass beat, maybe spend a couple of days in the hospital for injuries. Your family and friends support you and are there for you to cry to anytime day or night. Choice #2: You lose your house, your spouse and never see your children grow up or graduate or get married etc. Your locked up with some of the most violent people in your state, over half of them having AIDS or HEP C who will gang up on you, hold you down, sodomize you and force you to give oral “favors” in return for them not shanking you in the lunch line but only for 25 years will you have to endure that (unless one day you’re shanked anyway for trying to cry to someone about it). After your minimum mandatory sentence without possibility of parole is over, you can go home but you don’t have one anymore and no job and no one will hire you. Which would you choose? If you’re not trying to impress a chick with that article of yours, you’ll choose option one. If you choose option 2, you’re not impressing anyone. Option 2 makes option 1 seem more like making out at a drive-in past curfew on a warm friday night.
    I can’t believe that you would even make such an arrogant, uninformed and thoughtless statement.

  14. Rape has an 80-90% conviction rate of which 40-50% are false accusations so when you assume they’ve only lost some trust blah blah blah, thats bullshit. There are quite a few men who’ve pissed off someone they had sex with the night before. She says rape, hospital says DNA is his….guess what! Some men get real real lucky and someone talks and they get acquitted. You can read about those stories. Not everyone falsely accused and convicted will get lucky. Those are the ones you don’t read about and because there’s not alot on them, you don’t even consider it happening. But the statistics I just mentioned, you can look that up too. I’m so glad my state has a law that if you falsely accuse someone of something and its proven, you stand to face the same sentence they would have gotten. 25 years minimum mandatory no possible parole in mine. Anyone who falsely accuses someone of something I think should have it happen to them for real. Over and over.

  15. Come on!! I waited all day. You have so many stupid things to say to people who have shown you you’re wrong, I was expecting something on what I said. Could it be that you cannot answer my question and remain able to defend (if thats what you call it) your post? Surely you are alerted by email when someone comments to what youve written. Its simple. Option #1 or #2?

    1. You said falsely accused (and convicted of course) so answer this: You have 2 choices. Only 2. One, you get raped. At knife or gunpoint, get your ass beat, maybe spend a couple of days in the hospital for injuries. Your family and friends support you and are there for you to cry to anytime day or night.

      You have no idea how traumatising rape is and are merely talking out of your ass. Fuck off. You don't deserve a serious reply.

  16. Being falsley accused of rape IS worse than being raped! If you are raped people will help you & support you and make you feel better! If you are falsley accused of rape people hate you people spit at you people beat the shit out of you! I'm talking from expeirience as I am currently on bail for a rape I didn't do! And I can't even leave my house because of all the cunts that want to kill me, because of one stupid skank! I might end up going to prison for something I DIDN'T do where as if you are raped you won't go to prison you'll get counsiling and support! I am getting really fucked off with seeing these sorts of post! And I can't do fuck all about it! Hopefully I will get a NFA (No Further Action) And then I will publicly name and shame the cunt who did it! And also press charges for defemation of character and harrasment! If ever people think being falsely accused of rape is not as bad as being raped I strongly suggest you THINK AGAIN!

  17. Wow, this was a pretty underwhelming argument. Your little write up reeks of subjectivity turned into failed objectivity, dogmatism, pretentiousness, and self-righteousness.

  18. i really wish your wife falsely accuse you of historic rape 5 years ago and then come back here and let us know, if you are not guilty when all the agences are working to get you convicted of some thing which you wont be able to prove and you could see you next 7 years in jail INNOCENT best of luck !

  19. Let’s not forget, every false accusation of rape makes it harder to believe real rape victims when they testify. EVERY rape victim should demand that false accusers do the same time as rapists, because false accusers send innocent men to jail while helping real rapists get acquitted because the jury doesn’t believe the victim.

  20. The odds that a man who is sent to prison for , will then be rapped in prison ( repeatedly ) is EXTREMELY high . it is just a simple fact that as a “rapist” they are close to the bottom of the food chain and thus open game . And this has nothing to do with weather or not they actually did the crime. So yea, falsely accusing someone of rape will in most cases lead to far far worse than what the rape victim would have had if they had been raped. but this so blatantly sexist and uninformed article was good for a chuckle.

  21. So a lot of guys seem to be up in arms over this nigger feetsball player Brian Banks having to spend some years in jail for an allegedly false rape conviction. Bullshit. It’s a nigger, it must have raped. And don’t call me a racist; I voted for Barack Obama because I felt guilty.

  22. Its no use arguing with db0. Its like arguing with Shirley Phelps. Will keep going in circles over and over again. No matter how logical and constitutive your argument is, there is no use. I mean forget about this guy since you are wasting time with these stereotypical feminist.

  23. Being someone who has been falsely accused and convicted, I disagree that the pain is not similar. PTSD is something that leaves me debilitated 7 years after losing my career and spending 3 years of my life in a maximum security prison.

      1. Are you hard of reading? He didn’t say he was merely accused, he said he was falsely accused and convicted.

  24. What you described about men’s right activists identifying only with men, perfectly described the feminist movement, although you are probably too small minded to realise that. Just like feminists that couldn’t care less about males being descriminated against in custody cases or being falsely accused of rape by scheming ex girlfriends, feminism only concerns itself with female struggles completely ignoring and belittling male concerns. That is why feminist Anita Sarkeesian has stated that rape is worse than war, because war primarily affects male soldiers, but rape primarily affects females. Feminists only care about themselves, it is ludicrous to expect men to care about or help them in any way.

  25. Someone who falesly accuses someone of rape is just as bad as a rapist. If you are convicted you can go to jail and get gang raped almost daily, inmates know you are a rapist and you will almost certainly get raped for it. People will see you as a monster and even aftet being exonerated people will still see you as a rapist. Lots of innocent men go to jail on false rape charges because feminist bullshit makes a womens word over a mans in court even when there is no evidence, see the case of brian banks and wanetta gibson. Dont get me wrong I love my mother more than anybody but I would rathet have her raped than my dad getting falesly accussed and convicted for rape. And the worst thing is these women get away with it or just get a fine. If it where up to me they would go to jail for just one day— a male prison so they know what it is really like to get raped.

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