Gallery tags not working

So I’ve managed to fix the latest problem that stumped me. This was related to my latest WordPress-WPG2-Gallery combo installation and it was the fact that for some reason the Gallery tag plugin just refused to display the tag cloud correctly. No matter what I tried, the tag cloud always displayed as a list on the blog, (separated by a line, one under the other etc) instead of an inline big & small tag cloud you would expect. Not only that but anything I tried in order to fix this on the WP theme stylesheet did not work. I even tried disabling everything that had to do with <ul> and <li> tags and the damn thing still persists.

What was even more enraging was that by directly accessing the gallery the tag cloud would work as expected, colours and all. Exasperating.

So I spend the whole afternoon and I did manage to fix the tag cloud. I had to use the style injection box that is provided by the WPG2 plugin in order to put the style code that forced list items to be put inline and without line separators. However, no matter what I tried, I could not make the colours change.

Hopefully, while I was lying in bed, it clicked for me. I must have been the gallery theme I was using, wordpress embedded, which makes the gallery fit to your WP theme. However for some reason, the designer has hard coded the font and link colour to the theme, which as a result of being loaded after the WP theme, took precedence. This is the reason why my links had that ugly blue colour and my tag colours would not work. By commenting the colour lines for the <body> and the <a> tags, I was able to force the gallery theme to submit to the WP theme selections.

Just in case anyone is wondering, the stylesheet code I put in my WPG2 Output – Element header textbox is

.g2_column {
width: 100%;
margin: 0px 1px 0px 12px;

.tag1 {
display: inline;
.tag1 a {color: #828282;}

.tag2 {
display: inline;
.tag2 a {color: #AC6FCF;}

.tag3 {
display: inline;
.tag3 a {color: #00659C;}

.tag4 {
display: inline;
.tag4 a {color: #008200;}

.tag5 {
display: inline;
.tag5 a {color: #FFCB21;}

.tag6 {
display: inline;
.tag6 a {color: #FF0000;}

.tag7 {
display: inline;
.tag7 a {color: #1acdb6;}

Where tag1-7 is the class that the Gallery2 tag plugin uses for each level of tag (based on the quantity)

PS: Yes, I have insomnia again…