How I spent my afternoon yesterday.

Reddit convinced me to get Dragon Age legally rather than Pirating it. This is the true story of what followed.

So I get home from work yesterday and get on Reddit…



Dragon Age FFFUUU

Yes, this really happened to me yesterday exactly as you see it.

Other fun facts

  • I got the VPN yesterday in an attempt to allow myself to buy the goddamn game. Legally. That was a wasted 40 Euros of course but hopefully I’ll be able to use it to watch restricted content. Or you know, maybe not.
  • I didn’t download the whole game at 300Kb/s fortunately. I watched a movie for the first 2 hours which allowed the 1.2 Mb/s to continue. However when the movie finished I tried to surf the net while the last 5% where downloading. Then my speed dropped to 300Kb/s and never got over it, thus making the last 8 minutes into 30.
  • Yes, my PC did really die within 5 minutes of downloading the game. It was the PSU which gave up the ghost. Hopefully nothing else has been affected from it.
  • Of course EA screwed me over by charging the same amount in Euros as they charge in Dollars. Exchange rates be damned.
  • I’ve only managed to see the intro screen of Dragon Age and the first few stages of character creation.

And then people ask why Piracy is the better choice…

4 thoughts on “How I spent my afternoon yesterday.”

    1. Heh, I hear what you're saying but it's funny that this word is used because Pirates were not murdering, rapists on the high seas, not generally at least. Like file sharing, they were far more demonized from the rich they hurt than from what their actual actions were.

  1. I feel you .. It happened to me many times already.. it feels like you want to throw away your comp. HAHA.. all you have to do.. stay calm and tell your self. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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