How NOT to frame someone online

Katpoop10 tried to frame me up on reddit as using sockpuppets, as he was caught doing himself. The result? An Epic Fail.

You remember that little incident I just posted about earlier today about the guy in reddit using sockpuppets?

Well he came back for vengeance. A few hours ago, a new account called Trollhunters posted a reply to the comment where I uncovered Katpoop’s sockpuppets, falsely accusing me of the exact same thing I discovered katpoop doing. It was obvious from the start that the new account couldn’t be anyone else but the revengeful KatPoop as he had already proved he didn’t really have enough imagination to think about a different accusation.

Anyway, I started making fun of his little ruse as he really couldn’t prove that I ever really used those accounts (The account page was simply not there as it was never created) and he couldn’t create them now as the creation date of the account would obviously give him away. I expected him to try and fake it somehow as it seems that his previous fail had got him angry enough to try every trick in the book in order to hurt me.

So, the next comment he posted, after I challenged him to provide evidence, was exactly that. Screenshots of two of those accounts in action [1] [2], apparently posting comments innocently and actually looking pretty believable. I mean, he must have been preparing this trap for a while as one had a comment posted almost one day ago, while the other had a comment from 7 months ago (Obviously a shop. I can tell from pixels and from looking up the actual comment 😉 ).

The problem? Both of those screenshots had him at the moment logged in with those accounts in question. If those were really my sockpuppets, his screenshots should be displaying his own name on the top right. Apparently our little troll must have been in such a haste and so upset, that he didn’t really pay close attention to his forging of the evidence, giving away his game immediately.

But the funniest part, was how he tried, along with those screenshots, to weave a little story of how this is not KatPoop (no really!) and how he’s always seen those who accuse others of sockpuppetry of doing the same themselves and so on. The whole fairy-tale, I present for your amusement below.

Including my comment of calling his forgery. >:)
Including my comment of calling his forgery. >:)


It really seems that this keep must have a problem with lying. I mean, I’ve called him in the past about him downvoting all my comments and his reply that it wasn’t him was immediate. Is he a compulsive liar? I really cannot say. All that is certain, is that he needs some professional help. I don’t know who KatPoop10 is in real life and unlike E&R I don’t have a good skill at dox dropping, but if anyone knows who he is, they should really let his mother know of his online issues.

Anyway, 2 minutes after my reply uncovering his trap was posted, the new account was deleted, but unfortunately for him, reddit does not forget. All his comments remained visible for all to see and his failshots will stay forever testament to his idiocy.
I’ve also opened a bestof post, linking to his epic failure for all to laugh at in reddit. Vote it up if you can please as it might serve as a disincentive for other kids trying to do the same tricks online (or at least in reddit).At the least, they may figure out how not to try and frame people on the internetubes, especially if they are going to do it as a revenge for being caught red handed.

Ah, fun.

Update: Katpoop has come clean with his actions through a half-arsed apology. Unfortunately, he fails even there, as he takes more space to insult me rather than apologize for his actions. He hasn’t learned at all…

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