Hypnagonia in the news!

GamingOnLinux recently wrote a small article about Hypnagonia! This served to drive an order of magnitude more people to the game than before. This was driven by a new member of the community who discovered Hypnagonia through matrix.

This in turn made hundreds of people discover the game, and we already had multiple people hitting me for collaboration. We even got a new piece of art and it’s really good!

We also have other members of the community helping me generate Artbreeder journal art, which some really disturbing results. They are also frequently suggesting random ideas which I take twist them into horrible Torments 😀

These ideas have driven the creation of the new new Torments. One of which I wrote about here and the other I’ll et you experience yourselves.

I’m really happy that the community is picking up. The General discussion channel is now fairly busy with interesting discussions, (and bug reports 🙂 ) banter, and frequent mentions of cockroaches for some reason.

I also have tripled the amount of people following the game on itch.io which is great.