I have a quote in my mind

As I was taking a bath, a quote started to materialize in my mind.

“Saying that creationism is valid because evolution has some gaps, is like saying that a circle is truly a square because you cannot define all the digits of Pi.”

Does it make sense to anyone? Too geeky perhaps? Ideas to improve it?

3 thoughts on “I have a quote in my mind”

  1. To me it absolutely makes sense. There are enough parts of evolution known to us by now to proof that the basic idea is true. Of course some parts may be retracted, but there are too many proved facts. Creationism is the trial of some fanatic christs to form the world as they want it to have. They rely just on the facts fitting in their theory, and with that relying on a book that is also only written by humans. I don´t think that anybody was there to write down how god created the world and what he intended to reach with his creation. They are in their delusion not able to see that not we (or in their belief somebody EQUAL to us – nice for their ego, someone equal to the human race should be able to create a whole world that works for thousands of years…) create the facts but only are or get able to understand something so complicated like the evolution.
    But, after my outburst of rage on that bigod country club liars, to come back to your idea: Maybe you find a shorter version. If you found it, get into a creationists chatroom and mix it up. Should be nice to watch that earthquake of indignation. Tell me, it´s surely better than watching TV!!!

  2. Shorter version? I’m not certain I can compact it much more.

    In any case, It’s not my interest to troll on fundie sites, but it’s a quote I’d like to get the chance to use at some point 🙂

    Oh, and I never watch TV. Not for the last 9 years at least.

  3. Well.. a long time ago when chaos created itself and invented life, it might have thought.. “why not giving them something to think their bollocks off on” .. and tried so hard to be against the nature of itself and created evolution. When chaos was done with that it might have thought “okay.. I dont get the point.. and they also won’t..” And it turned back to what it has been eversince and just watched. And I say, lets give it quite a show, then! 😀

    Earl Grayle

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