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Dear Blogspot/Blogger users, I can see that unfortunately my previous arguments for switching to a better free blogging platform has not convinced you. That is unfortunate but I however have another request to make of you.

As I mentioned in the previous article, the blogspot commenting system sucks donkey balls. It pains me every time I have to leave a comment and I have to suffer the horrible captcha and interface (among others). It honestly deters me from leaving the occasional comment as I can’t be bothered to go through all this hassle.

You may have also noticed that I have recently taken a liking to Intense Debate Comments and I have already installed it on all the wordpress blogs I manage, even though the wordpress commenting system is quite adequate for most.

Thus I would like to ask you all blogspot users for a small favour: Please, please, switch to the IDC system. It is painless and it will also grant you so much of a better way to handle them than before. I don’t have to list all the features here as you can easily check the website itself for that but in short, what you will get over blogger is:

  • Comment writing on the same page of the main post (no need to open a new one)
  • Comment editing
  • Much more ajax-y, web 2.0, sleek look. That way people find it easy to leave a comment
  • A greater management of comments (reputation, threading etc)

Screenshot of Evolved and Rational with Blogger comment  systemScreenshot of Evolved and Rational with Intense Debate comment systemFor Comparison, on the left you can see how Evolved and Rational looked before, and on the right, you can see how it looks with IDC

So, dear Blogger/Blogspot users, please listen to my appeal and give it a try. Do it for my peace of mind. And if you have any problems I’d be glad to give you a hand.

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  1. I have recently converted to ID and had a few issues…it is installed as a widget and I have had to leave all my blogger comment settings as they are (not make the changes as suggested on the ID install steps), I also had to make sure that posts were embeded below comments as sometimes people were able to comment using both systems because of quicker load times of the pop-up window….I shall persevere unless yoiu have some helpful tips…Tamara

  2. If, indeed intense debate is a tool that I’m studying for my blog but I think for my old Debaty continuare still popular with the old system at least until they learn well the functionality of intense debate.

  3. I agree that blogspot has a out dated comment system and like you am glad they allow for third party systems now because in my opinion Disqus and Intense Debat are much better.

  4. I know this isn’t the right thread for this but do you have a tut for changing colors or appearances of Intense Debate Comment formats? Or do you know of any links that have one.. The one on intense debate is to technical for me.. thanks and Happy New Year.. Cheers..

  5. Intense Debate is for me the best commenting system that i have come across on the web. I recently installed it on my blog and it works a charm. Great social interaction with twitter and frienfeed, so you can tweet your comments.

  6. Yes I know that it has been 121 weeks since the last comment, that (and being unnecessarily honest) that I have only briefly skimmed over your article and the other comments, however this comment is proof that I have solved the problem for which I ventured to your blog to fix.

  7. On my blog I had been using backtype-connect in-conjuction with the native WordPress comment system, that is, until Backtype abruptly stopped support their own WordPress plug-in a few weeks ago. (While it is their prorogative to end support without notice, to me, it is very unprofessional to do so without 1) mentioning it on their website, 2) continuing to offer the plug-in for downloads, 3) sending inaccurate messages to their users' control panels, and 4) not answering their support e-mails which they request their users to send them in the above control panel messages. After much searching, I did find ONE mention in their forums that they have ended support for the plug-in and suggested the use of Disqus {as that system has/uses the previous comment data}.)

  8. So what does all of the above have to do with IDC? Well, ah, one of my local TV stations' website uses IDC and I wanted to comment on a story. I got me a user account with IDC and like faithlessgod said "it (Intense Debate Comments) does not seem to work".

    FireFox is my primary browser. I have no problems accessing or useing the IDC User Dashboard. For whatever reason, it turns out that "javascript: showLogin();" does not function with my non-newbie FireFox installation (likely an addon conflict).

  9. So taking a walk on the careless side (hoping "bad_httpd_conf" is minor), I viewed this page with IE 8.0.6001.18702 and, as you can see, had no problem logging into my IDC account through the comments interface (this is a horrible browser with which to work).

    I now know that IDC is for people with few words (and copy and paste must be done with notepad rather than wordpad, damn P.O.S.).

  10. Intense debate is a much better commenting system simply because it encourages interaction within the comments. It reminds me of Project Management Boards like ActivCollab where the discussion threads are designed so that everyone can collaborate in a clean, easy to follow system.

  11. does anybody know if it is possible to integrate IDC with the blogger mobile template? I made a test blog with blogspot and activated the mobile version, but when the reader gets to the post via mobile he finds the blogger comment form and if he leaves a comment all the IDC comments left form the std web interface are lost.

    thanks for helping

    1. Ah, I don't think that's possible to tell you the truth. For it to work, blogger would need to sync comments with IDC. Check if disqus does that but if not either, then I think you're out of luck.

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