It seems that I have made some waves…

Oh shi– A recent post of mine was linked from and now I’m being swarmed by Misoids!

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It seems that my latest post refuting the Austian refutation of Marxist exploitation theory has been noticed by none other than the official blog. The reaction was only to be expected.

I provide to you a sample of AnCap civility for your amusement 😉

This guy admits he’s no economic or marxist sholar, yet he’s calling our theorist hollow!? What a moron!

No, I said that your system sounds hollow. Learn to read?

He also has a laughable article on his site trying to debunk Rothbard’s “Egalitarianism as a Revolt against Nature”

The only laughable thing about this article is Rothbard himself really. What a douchebag.

Yawn. Another crank. Let him “refute” to his heart’s content. Just more nonsense to ignore for me

Not bored enough to write a comment about it obviously. But I also got the crank title at least.

Like most marxoids dedicated to proving that capitalism is evil because if the worker didn’t work for a wage the worker would starve, the role of the people who actually sell food is mysteriously overlooked.

Marxoid? Ok Misoid, I do not ovelook the role of people who sell food at all. If they are the intermediary for selling the item, then they simply pay the worker for the food he produced. Their labour is the act of selling and they should get to keep the full suplus value they create with that.

In short, this moron does not know what he is talking about.

Thank you. Hugs and kisses back.

The site also seems to have been designed to make reading a chore, irritating like chalk on a blackboard.

Does my mother smell of Elderberries too?

Who gives a damn if some commie loser wastes his time jostling with chimaeras he made up?

Who indeed.

So there you have it. And this is simply the product of half a night’s gnashing of teeth. I can’t wait to see what more beautiful gems of indignation I’m going to receive.

All is not bad though, I already had 2 civil comments so there is hope that not all AnCaps are twats. Nevertheless, I’m glad I put up my warning to them yesterday. It might reduce the number of inane comments I get.

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10 thoughts on “It seems that I have made some waves…”

  1. Gnah, not again these guys that confuse and totalitarize what they hear and read or what they think they do.

    Most capitalists I have met were greedy in a way and loved to show off. Most anarchoids (or was it arachnoids?) I have seen were trying to rebel just for the sake of it against whatever was availible with little or no interest in anything that was not radical enough to fit their pattern. What happens when you mix these .. "qualities" .. o_O ? Must be Mr.Niceguy in person.. wise, goodhearted and open-minded. -.-

  2. Funny, most communists/marxists/collectivists that I've met and/or read the diatribe of on blogs (that shall remain unnamed), are petty, selfish, and extremely envious of the success of others.

    1. I can't really comment on that as I do not know about whom you are talking about but seeing from the comments of the blog, for AnCaps anyone who points the inherent unfairness of Capitalism is quickly labeled as petty, selfish and envious

  3. I enjoyed reading the comments between you and the readers on your previous post. I really hope I can pick your brain sometime about your ideas and how it all plays out in your mind, but I think I will wait until the mad rush of comments dies down a bit. In the meantime please keep up the debate, I think it is bringing real value to both sides of the Marxoid/Misoid debate.

  4. This is so funny!.. Definitely if will you make a site or blog expect that you will meet some people who will troll you .. will post stupid comments .. irritate you .. and will answer you even if they know that they are already wrong . I think that is all about pride.. agree?

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