Long time coming

For the last few days I have been living most of the day in the office. Just today I closed 13 hours inside. The Active Directory has b0rked and I have been trying to fix it with the help of Microsoft and various other so called experts. Unfortunately nothing has worked and today things took a turn for the worse.
In a try to restore our previous configuration we decided to restore a previous version of the system using the Legato Networker program. In hindsight, it was a big mistake, especially the part where we started it at 6pm. At around 9:15pm and after reinstalling the 2000 Server for the second time we decided to call it a night.
This was the third day I had stayed at work late and it’s getting ridiculous. I’ve been trying to go to the post office for two days now and I can’t find the time.
Tomorrow promises to be even better. We’ll go to the office at 6:30am which means I need to get up at 5:45 and there’s no promise at all that I’m going to leave early enough to manage to GM the Evernight campaign.

At least I know it’s not my fault and even if it were, all traces have been wiped out by now 🙂

Sigh Going to sleep any time now. Military wake-up tomorrow…