Look what I found…

In which embarassing photos of me are uncovered.

A friend of mine recently posted something in Facebook that I didn’t even remember existed.


This is from my time in the Greek National Service, in the Military Navy, or as the Greeks like to call it “PeeNee” (You have to stretch the “ee” of both words and curve it to a short “eh” at the end to say it right). To my defence, I had no big choice and it was either that or the infantry which would have been worse. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have to dress like PopEye. Then again, our casual clothes were jeans so I can’t complain too much.

So, the end result is the picture above, where the aforementioned friend took when he came to pick me up from basic training (Good Lad). This serves as a proof that I have always been this silly.

Of  course, I didn’t have to wear these clothes all the time. Most of the time I looked like this:

Rambo Style

Which is another interesting photo of myself during some military exercise where I abused two machine guns for a photo opportunity 🙂

I also have a photo somewhere with the difficulties of the navy life (i.e. me sitting in an office with my feet on the table) but I haven’t digitized it yet for your enjoyment.

So yeah. Laugh it up.

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