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In this discussion, I am talking to a completely culturally illiterate MRA who insists, INSISTS, that asking a lone woman you do not know to come to your room for coffee, at 4 in the morning is definitelly not an euphemism for casual sex.  Oh no. That’s just a particular feminist interpretation to make guys look creepy.

It doesn’t matter how clearly and patiently basic social nuances are explained to them, they don’t get it. So in the end, I suggested to actually go out and ask 10 different females what they would think about such a coffee request. The answer I received was just too good not to share it with the rest of you.

Some would certainly think it was strange and indeed it is, but it’s unlikely they would assume it was propositioning them for sex. Indeed I would think it was strange if a woman would do the same to me, but I would not assume it was propositioning me for sex.

Queue jawdrop.

The fact that they just assume what females would reply (which naturally is what they expect) is just…golden. By itself, this reply showcases just how male privilege works. Not only is the actual female perspective dismissed, but it’s just assumed based on the male perspective.

I may be ageist by thinking this, but does anyone else think it’s even slightly possible that this poster is not a socially awkward teenager? I just can’t accept that a full grown adult with actual social experience with females can be that deliberately obtuse. MRAs might overwhelmingly be scum, but at least they do understand social nuances.

In fact, if a woman accepted such a proposition in good faith and got raped in that stranger’s room, MRAs would be the first to call it a false rape accusation because of course she must have known it was about sex in the first place.

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  1. "In fact, if a woman accepted such a proposition in good faith and got raped in that stranger’s room, MRAs would be the first to call it a false rape accusation because of course she must have known it was about sex in the first place."

    Best point I've heard in a long time. Thank you db0 for pointing out the double standards and reactionism of MRAs.

  2. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of talking to atheists who don't understand feminism. They have already assumed the intellectual high ground because they understand the logical fallacies in theism so they feel their smugness and patronizing attitude is warranted, and then they proceed to construct amazingly fragile strawmen. ("Feminists think ALL men only want sex and are potential rapists, isn't that ridiculous?", "I'm okay with REAL feminists who just want to not get raped, but not with these feminazis like Watson who deny male nature and want to castrate us all" etc… FUCK.)

    TheAmazingAtheist is particularly obtuse on this – he thinks it's cool to score some contrarian points by using words like "bitch" and "cunt" liberally, he builds his arguments on ridiculous strawmen and justifies creepy behavior with naturalistic fallacies ("It's male nature to dominate women, and bitches really love it!" – okay, maybe not that far, but that's the logical conclusion if you're a sexist and want to justify your position with sociobiology) and he just can't comprehend that maybe women experience certain situations differently than men, and maybe, just MAYBE their reactions to those situations are also warranted. Nooooo, because if a woman propositioned ME in an elevator I'd be ecstatic, so quit your whining and make me a sammich!

    1. Good Gawd, I saw the latest TAA tirade against Watson and I wanted to smack him for all the strawmen he was making. How can people actually take him serious? I guess because there's still a lot of assholes who confuse rampart misogyny and intellectual dishonesty with being "edgy".

  3. Irritating, definitely. But are you sure this guy was an MRA? He just sounds a bit clueless to me. Don't MRAs specifically advocate "men's rights" to rape and control women, and whine about how women have more power in society?

    1. Not necessarily. There are verious types of MRA, from the truly misguided ones who think that somehow MRA is about equality and the truly misogynist ones hiding behind this "movement" to agitate. This dude is one of the worst samples, as he is actually a mod of /r/beatingwomen which is a troll reddit posting outright disturbing pics and gifs of women being beaten bloody or otherwise abused and make similar text posts.

  4. Only blatant pedophilia and personal information posting seems to be universally forbidden. Everything else goes, hence the existence of places like /r/rape or /r/jailbait. Reddit can be a very disturbing place, which is why one need to hang out in specific locations to enjoy it.

  5. Playing devil's advocate, we are talking about the same group of people that thought "hey do you want to go get coffee" was a good pick up line in the first place. It's possibly more complex than all of them being either wholly ignorant or wholly feigning ignorance. There is a certain point where people without social skills can actually assume that there are multiple meanings to something that really has only one meaning. At any rate, considering the topic you kind of have to take the tact that they're BS'ing you and just ease off that assumption as appropriate.

    1. Yeah, it turned out that this is a common troll, as he's a mod of /r/beatingwomen.

      Btw, you still use /r/Anarchist?

  6. thanks for keeping the subject of sexism (in the atheist community) on your radar. This is a long term issue.

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