My four days of hell are (almost) over

Back after 1 hard weekend of moving.

Those more attentive of you might have noticed that in the last few days I haven’t been very active online. Not many posts, twits and whatnot. The reason is that I’ve been preparing to move to a new flat down to the road and finally this long weekend we went through the hellish task of renovating and moving.

I’m still hurting.

I don’t have internet anymore.

My previous landlord has dissapeared from the face of the earth with 1k of my deposit.

I don’t have a place to put my PC anymore.

I’m still hurting.

All in all, some good fun. I just don’t want to be moving for the next 10 years.

On the bright side, I finally got a room in the colour I always wanted. It looks something like this 😉

Pics will follow.

3 thoughts on “My four days of hell are (almost) over”

    1. I don't think so, because when you're moving someone else, nobody makes you stay for the whole gruesome procedure. Most people who helped us stayed for 1 day out of four and we were exteremely fortunate to have some good friends who stayed for 2 days (and overtime – I bow before their kindness).

      But when you're moving youself, then you have to face the brunt of the workload.

      In short. I fucking hate moving

      1. Valid point. I must concede that you are right.

        It's been about six years now since we moved last. I dread having to move again as we moved from a one bedroom apartment into a three bedroom house and we've accumulated quite a bit more stuff since then. Ugh.

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