My poor mouse

It is ruined…

After something close to 7 years of faithful service, my MS optical mouse has finally given it’s last gasp. Yes it was an MS mouse, that I bought before I came to despise MS itself 🙂

I have to say however that this mouse lasted much much longer than any other I ever had. This might have to do with the fact that it is optical so it has less mechanical parts to break down.

I actually have no idea why I decided to die on me so suddenly but I think it might have something to do with the last few drops it had in the last week (redecorating obviously has its costs). Now, after a few hiccups as I was using it, it decided to shut down for the last time at the worst possible moment, Sunday morning.

I did try to give it an emergency CPR (AKA “Smash-it-with-my-fist”), Heimlich Maneuver (AKA “Smash-it-against-the-wall”) and Surgery (AKA “Violently-pull-the-cover-that-popped-up-while-smashing-it-against-the -wall-and-try-to-see-what’s-going-on-inside”) until I finally gave up when its small heart gave up (AKA “I-heard-parts-moving-unhealthily-inside”).

Surprisingly, a few of those tricks worked for a few minutes/hours, but Sunday night it seems was the final sleep. Nothing I did in the morning could revive the poor cyber-rodent. In the end, I let my EVE buddies know I would not be joining them in the low-sec mining and I surrendered myself to browsing the internet using keyboard shortcuts (How the fuck do you go out of a text box is what I want to know. I was trying to blog this on Sunday and I couldn’t.) and watching disturbing movies (Salo and Suspiria for now. Tomorrow Once were Heroes follows).

Salo is just wrong. I did manage to watch it all but that just exemplifies just how much blaze I’ve become. The dinner of shit was pretty gross though.

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll bury my old mouse since it served me quite well. I may just keep it for a memory, after I thoroughly and carefully dissect it (AKA “Smash-it-against-the-wall-until-it-pops-open-and-the-guts-spill-out”)

2 thoughts on “My poor mouse”

  1. Well, after you smashed it against the wall, not surprisingly can you hear things inside your belly’s mouse.
    Oh, get yourself a Logitech. Mine is now nearly ten years old. I hate Mickysoft as well, so I usually don’t buy from them.

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